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Best Kept Garden Awards 2015 – Results & Photos

Last updated on 26 September 2016

Haslington’s Best Kept Garden Competition awardswere presented by Councillor Geoff Beadle in St Matthews Hall on Saturday 19th September. Our congratulations go to all the winners.

Here are the photos:

The following is the list of winners:




1st          477 Crewe Road               Mr P Taylor Cllr Wood

2nd        7 Nesfield Drive Mr & Mrs Morris

Novelty Gardens

1st          10 Nesfield Drive              Mrs P Hamlett Wood

2nd        25 Alsager Road

Small Gardens

1st          56 Newtons Crescent      Mr & Mrs H Blake Cllr Jones

2nd        17 Bowkers Croft             Mr & Mrs Boardman

3rd         Whitegate Farm                Mr & Mrs Griffiths

Medium Gardens

1st          11  Hollyfields       Mrs B Faulkner

Jnt. 1st  Fairview, Clay Lane          Mr R Blackburn

24 Newtons Lane             Mr & Mrs Parry

Landscape Section

10 Newtons Lane             Mr & Mrs Jennings


1st          475 Crewe Road              Mr & Mrs Howard

2ndt       12 Bowers Croft               Mr & Mrs Lavin

3rd         67 Pool Lane                      Mr & Mrs Hatton

HC          326 Crewe Road               Mr & Mrs Bullock



Large Gardens

1st          2 Wells Avenue                 Mr & Mrs Bebbington

2nd        34 Primrose Avenue         Mr R Cheshire

3rd         2 Park View                        Mr & Mrs Goode

HC          54 The Dingle                    Mr A Bates

Medium Gardens

Jnt 1st   {15 Hamilton Close          Mr & Mrs Rowley

{86 Waterloo Road          Mrs Davies

Jnt 2nd  {88 Waterloo Road          Miss Higgins

{33 Leyland Grove            Mr & Mrs Holt

Jnt 3rd   {8 Lynton Grove                Mr P Edwards

{82 Waterloo Road          Mr & Mrs Pennington

Intermediate Gardens

1st          126 Primrose Avenue       Mrs V Crutchley

2nd        32 Repton Drive Mr & Mrs Howarth

Jnt. 3rd  {203 Crewe Road              Jane Fuerst

{83 Primrose Avenue       Mr & Mrs Stevens

HC          25 The Brambles               Mr & Mrs Becket

HC          30 Kingsley Road              Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

Small Gardens

1st          30 Waterloo Road            Mrs A Hodgkinson

Jnt. 2nd  23 Fields Road                   Mr & Mrs Davey

Hobbs Close                       Mr & Mrs Smith

HC          16 Ashley Meadows         Mr & Mrs Bryson

5 Jessop Way                     Ms Mary Macdonald

28 Oakland Avenue          Deborah Blunstone

6 Balfour Close                 Mr & Mrs Coleman

21 Campbell Close            Mr & Mrs Palin

9 Palmerston Close          Gillian Bibby & Camilla Davidge

19 Grenville Close             Mr & Mrs Chilton

22 Asquith Close               Mr & Mrs Dennel

18 Asquith Close               Mr & Mrs Timmis

23 Repton Drive Mr & Mrs Palin

Pocket Handkerchief Gardens

Jnt. 1st   10 Delves Broughton Court           Ms C Parton & Mrs D Shepard

17 Henry Street                                Joseph Barratt & Georgina Greenhalgh

2nd        126 Crewe Road

HC          2 Crewe Green Avenue                   Richard Pointon & Jane Washington

14 Primrose Avenue                        Mr & Mrs Dawson

4 The Dingle                                      Mr R Bateman

Public Houses/Clubs

1st          The Forresters Inn

2nd        The Hawk Inn

3rd         The Broughton Arms

Pots and Tubs

1st          19 Attwood Close             Mr & Mrs Kirk

2nd        176 Crewe Road               Mrs P Lofkin

3rd         12 Waterloo Road            Mr & Mrs Heath

HC          171 Primrose Avenue       Jennifer Lowe

181 Crewe Road               Mr & Mrs Rowley

19 The Crosslands

7 Heathview                      Mr & Mrs Hougton

49 Crewe Road                 Mr & Mrs Greening

177 Crewe Road               Mr & Mrs Woodcock


1st          41 Portland Grove            Mr & Mrs Timperley

Jnt 2nd  27 Leyland Grove              Mr & Mrs Beard

25 Oakland Avenue          Mr & Mrs Wood

3rd         7 Lynton Grove                 Emma Trevett

Landscape Section

1st          10 Waldron Avenue         Mr & Mrs Molyneux

2nd        5 Mount Pleasant             Mrs G Berry

3rd         10 Hamilton Close            Mr & Mrs Gollings

HC          17 Attwood Close             Mr & Mrs Humphrey

1 Victoria Court                Mrs S Walker

48 Leyland Grove              Mr & Mrs Jenkins

Novelty Section

1st          37 Ashley Meadow

Farm Premises

Barnfield – Holmshaw Lane          Mrs K Hilliard

Senior Citizens Bungalows

Walker Close

1st          2 Walker Close                  Mr & Mrs  B Locket

2nd        6 Walker Close                  Mrs P Barton

3rd         4 Walker Close                  Mrs Dawe

Mere Close/Crewe Road

1st          6 Mere Close                     Mr & Mrs K Whittle

2nd        5 Mere Close                     Mr J Denney

3rd         3 Mere Close                     Mr & Mrs Jones

HC          75 Crewe Road                 Mrs Andrews-Jones

Orchard Court

1st          11 Orchard Court              Mr & Mrs Ancell

2nd        9 Orchard Court                Mrs C Harrop

Jnt 3rd   2 Orchard Court                Mrs D Murphy

7 Orchard Court                Mrs Riley

The Crosslands/Waterloo Road

1st          7 The Crosslands               Mr G Owen

2nd        4 The Crosslands               Mr & Mrs Drinkwater

3rd         8 The Crosslands               Mrs Colley

HC          45 Waterloo Road            Mr & Mrs Griffiths



10 Kingsley Road              Mr & Mrs Johnson


One Comment

  1. Cynthia Parton
    Cynthia Parton 20 September 2015

    I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all those people responsible for organising & taking time to visit the gardens of Haslington & surrounding areas, & choosing the winners of the best kept gardens. I would also like to say a big thank you for my award.

    Mrs Cynthia Parton & Mr David Shephard

    10 Delves Broughton Court

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