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Best Kept Garden Awards 2012 – Photos

Last updated on 26 September 2016

This year’s Best Kept Garden awards for Haslington, Winterley and Oakhanger areas were presented on Saturday 15th September in a packed St Matthews Hall. This was a most enjoyable occasion and our congratulations go to all the winners.
Click here are the photos:


Best Cottage Garden – Mr & Mrs Johnson


Best Cottage Garden – Mr & Mrs Johnson
Ist (S/Gdn) Oakhanger – Mr & Mrs Jones, Kensington Court
Walker Close (Photo kindly supplied by Mr Dawe)
Walker Close (Photo kindly supplied by Mr Dawe)












lst 65 Newtons Lane Mrs J Tomlinson

2nd 477 Crewe Road Mr P Taylor

3rd 23 Coppice Road Mr & Mrs T Wall



Novelty Gardens


1st Invermere Clay Lane Mrs A Jones

2nd 10 Nesfield Drive Mrs P Hamlett-Wood




Small Gardens


lst 12 Bowkers Croft Mr & Mrs Larvin

Joint 2nd 56 Newtons Crescent Mr & Mrs H Blake

Joint 2nd 6 Newtons Grove Mr & Mrs D Wad

HC 24 Newtons Grove Mr & Mrs R Hulme

HC 37 Pool Lane Mr & Mrs J Bebbingon




Medium Gardens


1st 11 Hollyfields Mrs B Faulkner

Joint 2nd 3 Hollyfields, Mrs P Payle

Joint 2nd Fairview Clay Lane Mr R Blackburn

HC 10 Hollyfields Mrs Speed

HC 25 Elton Lane Mr & Mrs lawton




Large Gardens


lst 67 Pool Lane Mr & Mrs Hatton



Farm Premises – Kents Green Farm Mr & Mrs J Latham








lst 77 Pool Lane Mr & Mrs Offer

Joint 2nd 475 Crewe Road Mr & Mrs J Howard

Joint 2nd 4 Pool Lane Mrs J Jennings




Public Houses/Clubs


1st The Foresters Arm Crewe Road







Farm Premises Barnfield Holmshaw Lane – Mrs K Hilliard




Walker Close


1st 6 Walker Close Mrs P Barton

2nd 2 Walker Close Mr & Mrs B Lockett

3rd 4 Walker Close Mr & Mrs Dawe

HC 17 Walker Close Mrs J Dunning



Large Gardens


lst 2 Wells Avenue Mr & Mrs J Bebbington

2nd 54 The Dingle Mr A Bates



Intermediate Gardens


lst 126 Primrose Avenue Mrs V Crutchley

2nd , 25 The Brambles Mr & Mrs Beckett

3rd 32 The Dingle, Mr A Badger

HC 32 Repton Drive Mr & Mrs Howarth

HC , 2 Park View Park Road, Mr & Mrs Goode

HC 128 Primrose Avenue Mrs V Swindells





1st 176 Crewe Road Mrs P Lofkin

2ndt 7 Heathview Mr & Mrs Hougton

3rd 120 Waterloo Road Mr & Mrs D Bateman

H/C 9 Park Road, Mr & Mrs G Hodgkinson

HC 4 St Matthews Close, Mrs I Griffin

HC 8 Waterloo Road, Mr & Mrs N Edwards

HC 10 Waterloo Road Mr & Mrs Massey

HC 65Waterloo Road, Mr & Mrs Brawn

HC 2 Heathview, Mrs S Walker

HC 3 Pelham Close, Mr & Mrs Hole

HC 66 Primrose Avenue, Mr & Mrs Weaver

HC 181 Crewe Road Mr & Mrs Rowley


Medium Gardens


1st 19 Attwood Close Mr & Mrs Kirk

2nd 30 Kinglsey Road Mr & Mrs R Williams

3rd 19 The Brambles Mr & Mrs D Stubbs

H/C 7 Ashley Meadows Sharon Proudlove

HV 24 Batterbee Court Mr B Moran

HC 3l Chatham Way, Mr & Mrs Westwater

HC 15 Hamilton Close Mr & Mrs Rowley

HC 165 Primrose Avenue Mr & Mrs Allen

HC 167 Primrose Avenue, Mrs J Palin

HC 7 Palmerston Close, Mr & Mrs Allpress

HC 34 Kingsley Road. Mr P Allen




Small Gardens


1st 30 Waterloo Road Mrs A Hodgkinson

2nd 5 Jessop Way, Ms M Macdonald

3rd 3 Delves Broughton Court – Mr & Mrs C Murray

HC 21 Campbell Close ,Mr & Mrs K Palin

HC 19 Ashley Meadow Mr & Mrs M Bryson

HC 23 Repton Drive Mrs A Palin

HC 4 Hobbs Close Mr & Mrs B Griffin

HC 22 Asquith Close Mr & Mrs J Dennel

HC 6 Balfour Close Mr & Mrs T Coleman

HC 2 Balfour Close Mr & Mrs Hughes




Mere Close/Crewe Road Bungalows


lst 6 Mere Close Mr & Mrs K Whittle

Joint 3rd 3 Mere Close,) Mr J Denney

75 Crewe Road, ) Mrs Andrews-Jones

HC 1 Mere Close Mrs B Farr

HC 5 Mere Close Mrs JWoodward




Orchard Court Bungalows


Joint lst 2 Orchard Court Mrs Murphy

11 Orchard Court – Mr & Mrs Ancell

Joint 2nd 9 Orchard Court, Mrs & Mrs Harrop

12 Orchard Court

HC 10 Orchard Court Mrs Jones


Crosslands/Waterloo Road Bungalows


lst 7 Crosslands – Mrs G Owen

Joint 2nd 8 Crosslands, – Mrs A Colley

4 Crosslands – Mr & Mrs Drinkwater

HC 3 Crosslands, – Ms J Wilde

9 Crosslands – Mrs E Newton

11 Crosslands – Mrs M Wood

1 Crosslands – Mrs S Horton

45 Waterloo Road




Novelty Gardens


lst 37 Ashley Meadows




Landscape Section


lst 5 Mount Pleasant – Mrs G Berry

2nd 23 Brookfield – Mr & Mrs Durack

3rd 55 Portland Grove – Mrs I Biscoe

HC 18 Asquith Close – Mr & Mrs Farrington

HC 1 Victoria Court – Mr & Mrs B Walker

HC 35 New Street – Mr & Mrs P Belton








Pocket Handkerchief


lst 10 Delves Broughton Court – Ms C Parton & mrs D Shepard

2nd 4 The Dingle

3rd 31 New Street – Ms K Smith & Mr S Barke

H/C 9 Victoria Avenue – Suzanne Hind

HC 26 Vicarage Road Mr & Mrs Woolley






1st 9 South Avenue – Mr & Mrs Jones

2nd Ferndale House The Gutterscroft – Mr & ms Dochety

3rd 4l Ashley Meadows – Mr & Mrs Korytko

HC 9 Henry Street – Mrs Andrews-Sands

HC 3 Henry Street, Mr & Mrs Mellor

HC 28 Ashley Meadows – Mr & Mrs Lowe

HC 76 Waterloo Road – Mrs & Mrs R Aitken

HC 86 Waterloo Road –Mr & Mrs Davies

HC 88 Waterloo Road, – Miss S Higgins

HC 8 Tate Drive – Mr & Mrs Derbyshire

HC 32 Henry Street – Mr T Davies & Mrs F Claridge

HC 25 Henry Street –Mr & Mrs Warr





Business Premises


lst Bargain Booze Waterloo Road

2nd Lees The Smithy Crewe Road




Cottage Gardens


1st 11 Wells Avenue – Mr & Mrs Walklet

2nd 10 Waldron Road – Mr & Mrs G Molyneux




Overall Award – 10 Kingsley Road – Mr & Mrs Johnson








1st Green Pastures – Mr Leech Nursery Road

2nd School House – Mr & Mrs Alabaster

3rd Rose Tree Farm Holmshaw Lane





1st Church Hall Cottage

2nd Brampton Lodge

3rd 5 Dunns Cottages




1st 8 Kensington Court

2nd New House Dunns Cottages – Miss Dunn



1st Butterton Lane House – Mrs Cureton










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