Parish Plan

Haslington Parish Plan (incorporating Haslington, Oakhanger and Winterley)


The villages within the Parish have frequently shown strong community feeling, particularly during a campaign for a by-pass and more recently in actions against a proposed landfill. From questionnaires it was discovered that whilst many residents do indeed have a strong feeling of community spirit they also wish for change in areas concerning environmental, social, safety and business issues. It was thought that the changes desired by local residents could be best achieved by the implementation of a Haslington Parish Plan.

The Steering Group and Working Groups

A public meeting was instigated on 13.2.07 at which the development of the Haslington Parish Plan was outlined. This resulted in a small working group arranging publicity for another public meeting on 22.3.07. This was attended by over 100 people some of whom agreed to meet to select a Steering Group on 12.4.07. A Constitution was agreed. The Steering Group comprises 3 Parish Councillors and 10 residents and all 3 villages are represented. The Group meets every month and has maintained the interest of others by regular meetings which have been named Whole Working Group meetings. From this 7 Working Groups have been set up. Initially Children and Young People (whose task was to gain views from this sector of the community), Parish Plan Publication and Fundraising (Working Groups 1-3) and more recently groups concerned with Environment, Social, Safety and Business issues (Working Groups 4-7). Each Working Group has a member of the Steering Group amongst its membership. Across the Groups five Parish Councillors are members. A list of all the Groups’ meetings recorded. Each meeting has a clear purpose; all follow an agenda and are minuted. The minutes are displayed on notice boards in the three villages and in a local shop.

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