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Council Meeting – 7th February 2022

Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 7th February 2022


HPC21/9/01 Attendance

Councillors Lee Allen, Howard Blake, Yvonne Bushill, Steve Edgar, Sam Green, Janet Griffith, Alison Heler, Richard Hovey, Richard McCarthy, Tony Peake, Graham Sawyer and Steve Welch

  In attendance:-

Hannah Marr (Parish Clerk)

HPC21/9/02 To receive apologies for absence
  Apologies were received from Councillor Martin Deakin
HPC21/9/03 To receive declarations of Members’ interests
  Councillor Sam Green declared an interest relating to payments
  Councillor Tony Peake declared an interest relating to the British Red Cross Grant


Councillor Steve Edgar declared an interest relating to the Allotments Grant

HPC21/9/04 Public Participation
  The Secretary of the new Committee at the Cosey Club introduced themselves and provided an update regarding its ideas for the future


A resident raised concerns regarding the proposed new housing on Close Lane along with the congestion and flooding issues in the area

HPC21/9/05 To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 6th December 2021
  It was resolved to approve the minutes
HPC21/9/06 To receive a report regarding Policing matters
  Councillor Tony Peake read out the latest Beat Report received from the Police
HPC21/9/07 To consider the approval of payments
  There were no payments to approve
HPC21/9/08 To receive a report from the Chairman of Haslington Parish Council
  Councillor Tony Peake provided a report to Members regarding the Councils work within the Parish





















HPC21/9/09 To receive a report from the Cheshire East Councillors covering Haslington Parish
  Councillor Steve Edgar provided an update on:-

·        Overgrown hedges within the Parish and provided guidance to Members relating to legislation

·        Feedback from the Flood Team is pending regarding the flooding at Winterley Pool

·        Potential funds available from HS2 which could support the Gutterscroft Centre

·        The Police are aware of the parking and visibility problems at the Hollybush site

·        The feasibility of having a bin installed on the Bovis Hazelmere development is being looked in to

·        The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will meet in March to go through the consultation survey results and discuss next steps

·        A further potential allotment site is being looked into


It was resolved to suspend Standing Orders to enable PCSO Lizzie Jolley to provide an update regarding policing matters

HPC21/9/10 To consider matters related to planning applications
  There were no planning applications to discuss however Councillor Edgar provided an update to Members regarding the proposed development on Close Lane
HPC21/9/11 To consider matters related to the Haslington Hum
  Councillor Steve Welch provided an update
HPC21/9/12 To consider matters related to Haslington Allotments
  It was resolved to award £1,750.00 towards allotments in Haslington
HPC21/9/13 To consider matters related to Speed Indicator Devices
  Councillor Steve Edgar provided an update
HPC21/9/14 To consider a grant request from British Red Cross
  It was resolved to award £2,000.00 towards mobility aids to be used in the Parish by the British Red Cross
HPC21/9/15 To consider matters related to the Queens Platinum Jubilee
  Councillor Lee Allen provided an update regarding recent meetings held to discuss Jubilee events in the Parish
HPC21/9/16 To consider matters related to Winterley Ward
  There were no matters to discuss
HPC21/9/17 To consider matters related to Oakhanger Ward
  Councillor Bushill raised concerns regarding the traffic on Close Lane and Holmshaw Lane as well as recent incidents of flytipping in the area
HPC21/9/18 To consider matters related to Haslington Village Ward
  Councillor Griffith passed on thanks from residents relating to the Christmas Tree and the Carol Service
  Councillor Griffith also discussed the proposed community orchard on Primrose Avenue


Councillor Griffith further raised concerns on behalf of the Shelburne Committee relating to flooding on footpaths

  Councillor Blake provided an update relating to tree works due to take place on Primrose Avenue
  Councillor Peake proposed that a tree if purchased for each village to mark the Queens Platinum Jubilee which will be discussed at a future meeting
  Councillor Peake also provided a quote relating to repairs needed to the footpath at the Gutterscroft Centre which was approved by Members
  Councillor Hovey raised concerns regarding the recent road works at Vicarage Fields
  Councillor Hovey also raised further concerns relating to the state of road markings throughout the Parish
  Councillor Edgar reported the number of streetlights which are not working in unadopted areas across Parish and that the issue was being raised with Cheshire East Council Streetlighting department
HPC21/9/19 To consider matters related to urgent business needed to be carried out by Haslington Parish Council in the interest and benefit of those who live and operate within the Parish boundary
  Members resolved to obtain quotes relating to floriculture maintenance within the Parish which will be presented at a future meeting for approval
HPC21/9/20 To note the date of the next meeting as Monday 7th March 2022
  The date of the next meeting was noted
  The meeting closed at 9.03pm


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