Council Meeting – 6th December 2021

Minutes of Meeting held on Monday 6th December 2021


HPC21/8/01 Attendance

Councillors Lee Allen, Howard Blake, Yvonne Bushill, Steve Edgar, Richard Hovey,  Richard McCarthy, Melissa Mews, Tony Peake and Steve Welch

  In attendance:-

Hannah Marr (Parish Clerk)

HPC21/8/02 To receive apologies for absence
  Apologies were received from Councillors Alison Heler, Martin Deakin, Janet Griffith and Graham Sawyer
HPC21/8/03 To receive declarations of Members’ interests
  Councillor Sam Green declared an interest relating to payments
  Councillor Tony Peake declared an interest relating to payments
HPC21/8/04 Public Participation
  A resident submitted concerns regarding flooding on Elton Lane.  Councillor Steve Edgar is looking into the issue


Connie Davis advised the Council of the recent research relating to the men named on the Haslington War Memorial which has been produced in a book which can be purchased


Connie Davis also thanked the Parish Council for its recent support towards the Cheshire Villages Great War Society Exhibition and the potential for a local historical society

HPC21/8/05 To confirm the minutes of the meeting held on Monday 1st November 2021
  It was resolved to approve the minutes
HPC21/8/06 To receive a report regarding Policing matters
  Councillor Tony Peake read out the latest Beat Report received from the Police
HPC21/8/07 To consider the approval of payments
  It was resolved to approve payments totalling:-

·        Net: £4,190.60

·        Gross: £4,283.04

HPC21/8/08 To receive a report from the Chairman of Haslington Parish Council
  Councillor Tony Peake provided a report to Members which included the recent Remembrance Sunday Service and Parade














HPC21/8/09 To receive a report from the Cheshire East Councillors covering Haslington Parish
  Councillor Steve Edgar provided an update on:-

·        The temporary diverted footpath at Haslington Hall to allow construction traffic to access the Hall safely

·        Planning permission has been refused for the agricultural buildings on Holmshaw Lane

·        The recent planning application for an infill site on Newton Lane has come forward and is being looked into

·        The flooding issues near Winterley Pool has been raised to a higher level at Cheshire East Council and action has been promised

·        Public Open Space at Vicarage Fields has been opened as per the original planning consent

·        Tree and hedge cutting on Crewe Road and Pool Lane is imminent

·        The Bus Shelter at Oakhanger is now in place at no cost to the Parish Council

·        Section 106 money has been requested for two bus shelters at the end of Kents Green Road and further information is pending from Cheshire East Council

·        The MP ran a Christmas Card competition which was won by a pupil from Haslington Primary School

HPC21/8/10 To consider matters related to planning applications
  Councillor Steve Edgar provided an update
HPC21/8/11 To consider matters related to the Neighbourhood Plan
  Councillor Steve Edgar provided an update and advised that a Steering Group Meeting would be held on 13th December
HPC21/8/12 To consider matters related to the Carol Service
  Councillor Tony Peake provided an update and advised that the Carol Service would be held on the Village Green at 6.30pm on Friday 17th December 2021
HPC21/8/13 To consider matters related to setting the budget for the forthcoming financial year 2022 / 2023
  It was resolved that the precept be set at £111,740.00
HPC21/8/14 To consider matters related to the Winterley Ward
  There were no matters to discuss
HPC21/8/15 To consider matters related to Oakhanger Ward
  Councillor Yvonne Bushill advised that there have been several issues with fly tipping which ANSA have removed and are investigating with a view of potential prosecution


Councillor Yvonne Bushill also advised that the Oakhanger Carol Service will be held at 6.30pm on Tuesday 21st December 2021


Councill Steve Edgar advised that a new bench will be located in Oakhanger from those purchased by the Parish Council


Councillor Steve Edgar also advised that the Speed Indicator Devices have now been delivered and they first be installed in Oakhanger once further discussions have been had with the local PCSO








HPC21/8/16 To consider matters relating to Haslington Village Ward
  Councillor Tony Peake advised that the trees had been cut at the Gutterscroft to widen the entrance on Primrose Avenue


Councillor Tony Peake also advised that St Matthews Church will be holding their Carol Service at 3pm on Sunday 19th December 2021


Councillor Richard Hovey provided an update regarding the recent road traffic accident on the junction of Clay Lane and Haslington Bypass and that a request that the junction be lit needs to be made to Highways.  As a result of the accident, traffic was diverted through the village which caused a burst water main


Councillor Richard Hovey raised concerns regarding a lamppost which fell due to recent storms and the lack of highways maintenance which is also narrowing the footpath between Haslington and Winterley


Councillor Howard Blake also raised concerns regarding a fallen tree on Dingle Brook blocking the public right of way which Councillor Steve Edgar advised he would look into


Councillor Melissa Mews requested that the Parish Council looks into sustainability measures

HPC21/8/17 To consider matters related to urgent business needed to be carried out by Haslington Parish Council in the interest and benefit of those who live and operate within the Parish boundary


Councillor Steve Welch made a request to support the investigation of the Haslington Hum


It was resolved that £2,500.00 was placed in an Earmarked Reserve to support the investigation works

  Members resolved that the £12,000.00 previously placed in an Earmarked Reserve for the Oakhanger Bus Shelter be placed back in to the General Reserves as it is no longer required for that purpose
HPC21/8/18 To note that date of the next meeting as Monday 10th January 2022
  The date of the next meeting was noted
  The meeting closed at 8.12pm