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New Slimming World at Gutterscroft – Starts: Tues 6th Aug 2019

Haslington’s Slimming World group ismoving from the Cricket Club to the Gutterscroft Centre on 6th August 2019, the starting time remains the same at 7:30pm. David Robinson will be taking over the group on 27th August.

From Shark Bites to Light Bites:

Slimmer David Robinson, who has lost amazing 3 ½ stone, is taking a dive into relaunching the Haslington Slimming World group.

David had led a fairly active lifestyle and had an amazing career as a scuba diver hand feeding eight foot long sharks at an aquarium, but changing to a less active role he saw his weight slowly creep up over time.

At a medical check-up David was found to be pre-diabetic and he had started to notice that he had become introverted, avoiding social gatherings due to being embarrassed about his weight and feeling very low in himself. He recalls, “The anxiety had snuck up on me as I gained weight. I didn’t notice it at first, but one day I realised how cut-off from the world I had become. My confidence was really rocked and I had always been so positive and outgoing. I also hid my feelings from nearly everybody around me”.

His partner, Alex, was a member of a local Slimming World group and he found he was enjoying the amazing meals she was making and he lost just over 1 stone.

David remembers that he didn’t sleep much the night before he decided he was going to join Slimming World for the first time, worrying that he was entering a women’s domain. In fact, he says he was more nervous than the first time he clambered into an aquarium filled with large Sand Tiger sharks. Luckily, he needn’t have worried and was pleasantly surprised to see other men in the group and instantly realised that he had nothing to fear.

And over the past year he lost another 2 ½ stone and feels amazing. He absolutely loves being able to have what he wants to eat and, by making small changes, has been able to eat the same meals as before. Some of his favourite recipes are barbecue sauce, chilli con carne, pasta bakes, honey chilli chicken, chicken kebabs, roast potatoes and chips.

David said, “The people I have met along the way have really helped inspire me, and that’s infectious. We all support each other and it really helps knowing that you are not the only one who struggles from time to time. Everybody is welcomed whether you have 8 pounds or over 80 pounds to lose. Best of all, it is a lifestyle change rather than a diet. I never go hungry following Slimming World and that is important to me, I just couldn’t do it if I felt like I was starving myself”.

David’s experiences fired his passion to become a Slimming World consultant to help others achieved their dreams, just like he had, and feel the difference it can bring to your life.

Has it all made a difference? According to David, yes it has – a massive difference. He has started enjoying walking again and getting out on his bicycle. He has found a passion for cooking and has his zest for life back again.

David’s relaunch night is the 27th August at 7.30pm at The Gutterscroft Centre, Haslington CW1 5RJ. Come along and find out more or call him on 07784 177197.

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