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Haslington Yoga Classes Commence This September

There are still one or two vacancies for Haslington Yoga Group commencing in September. Anyone who is interested in joining should contact either Barbara Bailey (Instructor) Tel: 560415 or Joy Harrop Tel: 583673.

The group meets in The Red Cross Building (Waterloo Road) on Thursdays, 7.30 – 9.30 pm.

This group along with many other Haslington activity groups are listed in the Activity Schedule (here)


  1. Lesley Whalley
    Lesley Whalley 15 July 2009

    I am interested in attending, but am pregnant – will be around 20 weeks in september. Are your classes ok during pregnancy?

  2. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 17 July 2009

    Reply from Joy Harrop:
    Yes we have had a pregnant lady in our Yoga class who stayed to within a few weeks of baby’s birth, but she had done Yoga before. Also should check with either Dr. or Midwife to see if OK to participate in Yoga.

    If you want to proceed, then perhaps you could let us have your e-mail address and we will let you know the start date in September. Price at the moment is £14 for 4 weeks, but may have to increase in September.

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