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  1. Lynne Scott
    Lynne Scott 31 January 2014

    Zumba Fun Fitness is now BACK ON at
    St. Matthews Village Hall, Haslington (opposite
    the Co-op Shop) – Class with Lynne Scott.

    The class is every Friday at starts at 7.30 pm.
    We welcome new members, all ages – come &
    party ! Easy and lots of fun – lovely venue.
    Zumba Fun Fitness starts back February 2014.

    See you there !! Lots more classes online

  2. John Shore.
    John Shore. 26 May 2019

    Like the trees on the green,the Hazell tree yes ok.The crabappel ? Then it dornd on me WI Jam the pecteen in crabapple makes jam set very good please exquse the spelling & grammer.

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