Art Exhibition – The Meredith Art Group

13th & 14th July 2013 – In The Yoxall Hall


The Meredith Group was established in 1993. The main purpose of the group is for people with artistic interests to get together to draw and paint.

The group meets eight times each year on a Saturday. On half of those occasions a life model is employed. The other occasions are there to give members time and space to work on their own personal projects and the opportunity to share their skills and knowledge with each other.

There is no leader or professional tutor but from time to time experts are commissioned to give demonstrations and advice.

Members meet at Yoxall Village Hall in Haslington, Crewe. Membership is restricted to a set number and this is based on practical issues only i.e. insurance and the space available to us at our venue. There is a waiting list of people wanting to join the group.

At last year’s exhibition we did a short survey and the results are shown below.
  • 73% who completed the survey said it was the variety of work on show that they enjoyed most about the exhibition
  • Linked to variety, visitors commented on the wide range of styles, different choices of media, artistic versatility,  quality of output and demonstrable talent on show
  • 53% specifically commented on the friendliness of the artists and the warm, friendly atmosphere
  • Over a quarter (27%) said they appreciated the addition of the café area and complimented the organisers on the quality of the refreshments available

(From The Meredith Art Group)