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Report It and Other Useful Numbers

Last updated on 14 February 2021

The Parish Council receives many queries from residents reporting issues and problems across Haslington, Winterley and Oakhanger

If you have an emergency, please call 999. Non-emergency calls need to be made to 101. The NHS Helpline can be accessed via 111

Many of these services are delivered by Cheshire East Council and need to be reported through a number of ways which include:-

  • Contacting the Customer Service Centre on 0300 123 5500 who will be able to forward you on to the right department who can assist with your query or question
  • Via there website
  • Many issues can be reported using the Report It Page which can be found here

If any of your concerns relate to the below, there are also dedicated online report forms which can also be used:-

There are also a number of local services and useful contacts which can be accessed by residents:-



One Comment

  1. Tony Littler
    Tony Littler 15 March 2021

    Since lockdown restrictions and new house building in Winterley, the circular walk Newtons Lane, Kent’s Green Lane and Crewe Road that many people walk daily, has in parts being misused by dog walkers. I say dog walkers as l never ever ever see a stray dog on its own, all the dogs have a person/s with them. Please pick up your dog muck, it is not a community problem, just 1or 2 persons who early morning or later at night just can’t be bothered sadly.

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