Parsh Council Meeting Notes – February 2011

It was reported that two thefts from cars in the Grenville Close area had taken place and residents are urged not to leave anything in their cars in sight thieves at anytime..

There had been drinking on the Gutterscroft playing field and consequently a large amount of broken glass had been removed.  Although drinking on the playing field is against the law, this law seems to be flouted regularly.  When the culprits have finished the bottle of beer they seem to think it a good idea to smash the bottle against the swings.  Although PC Nick Moore was on annual leave the Clerk was asked to notify the police of the above incidents.

The purchase of the area of land at the rear of Shelburne Drive was nearing completion and a number of open spaces which were the responsibility of Cheshire East were in all probability to be passed onto Haslington Parish Council.

There seemed to be confusion about the green bin collection as new calendars relating to the dates for collection had not been distributed.  Apparently the collection is every six weeks but there is a budget proposal in May to combine the green paper bin with the grey recyclable rubbish bin thus making the grey bin the one to be used and the green bin defunct.

The census for 2011 is to be held on 27 March and forms will be sent out to residents in time for completion on that date and to be returned by 6 April.  The forms can be accessed and completed on line and more information about this will be forthcoming.

It has been agreed that the Sandbach School buses coming back through Haslington will be stopping near to the entrance of Ashley Meadows thus alleviating the danger to pupils caused by the lack of pavement from Cartwright Road to Ashley Meadows.

Discussion took place on how to take the Parish Plan forward and it was suggested that the original committee reconvene and ask a willing volunteer to co-ordinate a Steering Committee.

Because of the recent work by Open Reach the entrance to the Gutterscroft was inaccessible for the refuse wagon for the black bin collection and a number of residents had not had their waste bins emptied.  The Gutterscoft Centre had arranged to take their bins to the tip but Councillor Hammond said that he would report this to Cheshire East and ask them to empty the bins that had been left.

It was reported that some of the dog bins were in need of repair and this was to be addressed.

Councillor Mrs D Farrell