Parish Council Notes – Sept 2012

The meeting began with a presentation from  Mr G Barlow (Angling Centre) and Mr Ashmore (Applicant) to relocate the Stapeley Water Gardens Angling Centre to Lakemore Farm,Clay Lane, Haslington.  Parish Councillors were given assurance that the designated direction to Lakemore would be via the Haslington by pass to ensure there would be no increase in traffic on the road through Haslington and Winterley.  The Parish Council were in agreement with this proposal.

PC Nick Moore reported 11 offences during in July these included theft from a dwelling that was deemed to be domestic, from a garage inPrimrose Avenue, assault on a person, yoghurt being thrown at an individual, theft of fuel from an agricultural premises and a domestic assault.  7 offences had been detected.  4 offences had been reported in August these included an incident in Waterloo Road, an assault in Clay Lane, a pedal cycle had been taken and a domestic incident.

In July 8 Anti Social Behaviour notices had been served and 8 Anti Social Behaviour notices in August and 4 youth nuisance incidents reported.

Fly tipping had also been reported.

Speeding in the village is an ongoing problem and positive action is being taken to bring this under control.  PC Moore and Councillor Geoff Beadle were responsible for undertaking new measures for speed control

The light on the crossing outside theHaslingtonPrimary Schoolis still unlit and this was first reported in May.  It seems the problem is the cable supply to the crossing.  Councillors said this was an issue that needed to be sorted immediately for the safety of all crossing users.

Various hedges in Winterley and Haslington were very overgrown and needed cutting back as the hedges were impeding the footpaths for pedestrians. The Clerk to report this matter to Highways The hedge over the footpath on the Gutterscroft playing field was very overgrown and needed cutting back and this was to be reported to Footpath and Bridleways.Cross Streethedges were still totally overgrown and as this path is used by children from the Primary School it was to be reported to the relevant authority as a matter or urgency. The lights on the central reservation at Winterley Pool were still not repaired.

The bus shelter onCrewe Road, outside the doctors’ surgery had still not been replaced and Councillor Hammond would contact the relevant department to get this issue sorted as soon as possible.  It was vital that this bus shelter be reinstated as a matter or urgency.

The White Moss restoration photos could be viewed on the website

The provision of allotments was an ongoing problem as the Parish Council did not have access to any land that would be suitable and finance was a problem to buying land even if any could be found.

Councillor Hammond and Councillor Allen had recently attended a meeting of the Maw Green Liaison Group

Councillor Doris Farrall reported that Hslington and Winterley had won awards in theNorth Westin Bloom competition and Crosslands, Walker Close andOrchard Courthad won awards in the Neighbourhood Community competition.  The presentation of these will be held inSouthportin October. She asked that a letter be sent to Chris Betts thanking him for his invaluable contribution to this and to the Best Kept Garden Awards competition.  The Best Kept Garden Awards were to take place the Parish Hall on 15 September and the Chairman Councillor Alan Casey would make the presentations.  All councillors were invited to attend.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall