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Parish Council Notes – October 2012

  • The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore on incidents that had taken place during the preceding month.
  • Two pedal cycles had been stolen in the vicinity of Newtons Lane.
  • An arrest had been made for possession of drugs, an assault had been reported, criminal damage had been detected and theft from a vehicle overnight. PC Moore emphasised the importance of locking vehicles all of the time they were left unoccupied and not leaving sat-navs or any other valuables on view.
  • Three ASB’s had been issued in September.
  • There appeared to be a growing trend to leave ‘cars for sale’ in Wellesley Avenue and mini coaches were being parked in the lay-by at Wellesley Avenue area for an unreasonable length of time. This was to be investigated.
  • All the reports of overgrown hedges in the parish that had been made to Cheshire East Council had had no effect whatsoever and the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authority emphasising the importance of getting these hedges cut back. Pedestrians were being impeded and safety was the overwhelming issue
  • on this subject. Mothers with prams or pushchairs, people in wheelchairs were all finding great difficulty in using pavements safely.
  • Cycle racks had been installed at Winterley Pool and the Food for Thought Bakery to enable cyclists to leave their machines in a designated place for safety.
  • Lights on Clay Lane and Russell Drive were reported to be out.
  • The Best Kept Garden Awards presentation was a resounding success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who had taken part. Photographs of the presentation to the winning participants could be viewed on the website The Chairman, Councillor Alan Casey, who had presented the awards had asked for photographs of gardens to be included in the website and he had had a very positive response to this request.
  • The matter of the bus shelter outside the doctors’ surgery had been passed onto the Portfolio Holder by Councillor Hammond to try to get this issue resolved once and for all. Apparently the contractors who dealt with bus shelters were no longer used by Cheshire East Council and they were in the process of taking on new contractors. Councillors Hammond and Mrs Farrall were trying their very best to get this issue resolved before the winter sets in.
  • A letter had been received from a resident complaining about the amount of debris in Fowle Brook along the Primrose Avenue walkway. The brook used to be cleaned annually by United Utilities but it has now been taken over by Cheshire East and the cleaning is not taken on a regular basis anymore. The Clerk asked to write to Cheshire East on this matter.
  • The Guttescroft Centre had been invaded with squirrels in the loft and a pest control firm had been employed to rid these vermin from the Centre. The whole roof area was to be surveyed to stop any repetition of this unpleasant invasion.
  • Councillor Geoff Beadle and PC Moore reported progress on the speedwatch campaign. The speed indicator units being purchased by the Parish Council will be installed in the near future and will feature a flashing sign indicating your speed over 30mph and will be placed in strategic positions along Crewe Road, Winterley to Haslington and moved to different positions at regular intervals.
  • The Vicarage Road planning issue was discussed and it was decided to hold a residents’ meeting at the Guttescroft Centre on 6 October and leaflets were to be distributed to residents most affected by this development informing them of the meeting.
  • The Remembrance Day Parade is to take place on Sunday 11 November 2012. The participants taking part in the parade will meet at Waterloo Road Car Park at 1030am, proceeding to the War Memorial for a Service of Remembrance at 11am and then proceed back to St Matthews Church for a Service of Remembrance for all.
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