Parish Council Notes – October 2011

The meeting was opened with the first item on the agenda and then the Chairman closed the meeting to allow attending residents to state their concerns over the recent planning consultations held recently at the Cricket Club.  Councillor John Hammond explained the position to the members, who incidentally were meeting with an official from the planning department on 10 October.  No leaflets from Cheshire East regarding the planning consultation had been received and it was only advertised to parishioners by notices on the noticeboards and Haslington website. Concerns were expressed over the potential sites shown for development; it was explained that the sites in question needed to be submitted for status change, the sites shown were not currently for development and the Greenfield status would have to be changed to development status. Residents are urged to look on the website for further news regarding this matter.  The Parish Council welcomed the input from the attending residents and assured them that they would be following this matter closely.

The meeting was then re-opened to allow PC Nick Moore to bring the Parish Council up to date with police matters.  He stated that overall crime figures for the month were quite good.  He reported incidents of shoplifting and garden equipment being stolen from sheds, nine Anti Social behaviour incidents and speeding in Crewe Road Haslington and Winterley.  Councillors were concerned over the speeding of vehicles entering and leaving the Haslington and asked that Smiley Sam be situated nearer to the Cartwright Road end of the village.

A cover was missing from over an inspection water tap in Waterloo Road and it was deemed quite dangerous for pedestrians as it was situated near to the edge of the roadway that had no footpath.

The Car Park at the rear of Waterloo Road/Bargain Booze had finally been adopted by Cheshire East Council

Village events were to be advertised on the website for the Parish –  Hopefully this will help organisers to liaise with others to alleviate the numerous events that are scheduled to take place on the same day.  The Ward Meeting with Councillor Michael Jones, Resources Portfolio Holder from Cheshire East, Councillor John Hammond and Councillor Alan Casey will take place on 14 December.  This meeting has been rescheduled from October.

The Remembrance Service will take place on 13 November and children from the village schools have been asked to join the parade on that day.

The amount of dog fouling and horse droppings on the pavements seem to be on the increase and it is concerning that people do not care about the mess they create for others.

It was reported that the village noticeboards need refurbishing and the sign at Kents Green Lane needs maintenance.

The Carol Service will take place on 16 December on the Village Green with Father Christmas and Winterley Band in attendance more, details in next months Parish Magazine.

The Christmas Tree for the Village Green will be ordered in November and Councillor Bill Herriman and Councillor Doris Farrall will once again be responsible for the ordering of the Christmas Tree.

The Diamond Jubilee celebration arrangements are ongoing.

Councillor D Farrall