Parish Council Notes – November 2011

After apologies for absence and declaration of interests the Chairman closed the meeting to allow Colin Lythgoe of the Haslington Conservationists to take control of the Gold Award that was presented to them at the recent North West in Bloom event in recognition of the valuable work the conservationists do to keep a little of the countryside as it should be. The trophy  can now been seen in the Food for Thought Bakery in Haslington.

Haslington and Winterley were awarded Silver Certificates for the floral displays throughout the Parish. Congratulations and appreciation was expressed to all who took part in making these awards possible.

The Best Kept Garden Awards were held recently.  This is a lovely community event giving a little back to all who make the parish look so good and pleasing to the eye. A letter had been received by the Chairman via congratulating all who made this event so successful..

PC  Nick Moore reported that very little criminal activity took place in the month of October.  Sadly we are to lose the services of  PCSO Aynsley Threadgold who is leaving to join the British Transport Police and is not going to be replaced leaving PC Moore and PCSO Colin Charlesworth to police the parish.  Aynsley was well known locally and did an invaluable job making and maintaining contact with the youth in the area and he will be clearly missed.

Councillor Lee Allen asked PC Moore about the road closures for street parties on 3 June 2012 to allow the safety of these events to take place.  He was not sure of the procedures at the moment but said if possible he would find out for the next meeting.

Parking on pavements was still an issue and if this parking resulted in the pavement being completely blocked forcing people to step into the road prosecution was very likely.

Dogs on the Gutterscroft Playing Field was again a cause for concern.  The noticeboards state quite clearly that dogs are not allowed on the playing field but selfish dog owners are ignoring the signs and even worse, allowing dogs to foul the field where children are playing.  A complaint was made to the Parish Council that a pitbull type of dog had picked up a ball in its mouth that was being used by the children to play football and popped it.  The ball cost £15.00 and the owner of the dog had the nerve to say the boys should have picked the ball up before the dog got to it.  Complaints have been made about children coming home with dog dirt on their clothes after playing on the field.  The Parish Council urgently requests that dog owners do not exercise their dogs on the playing field and the Dog Warden is to be notified about this problem.

If a street light is out and reported to the Parish Council or direct to Cheshire East could the number of the light be noted to enable repairs to be made more quickly.  This number is clearly marked on the lamp post.

A request for allotments has again been made and this matter is being looked at by the Chairman.  Requests regarding allotments made earlier in the year had shown little ongoing interest and no progress had therefore been maintained.

It was reported that the Arriva 37 and 38 bus service ran along Crewe Road in Haslington every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday. The route and the timetable for the 20 service has been altered and now runs via Crewe Road, the Dingle and Primrose Avenue.  The first of this service is timed for 09.08 at Primrose Avenue 09.14 at Oakland Avenue and continues through to the Dingle.  If parishioners wish to access the full timetable for this service please go the First website or telephone 01244 973330

Councillor Mrs D Farrall