Parish Council Notes – May 2012

The meeting began with the election of Chairman for the Year –Councillor Alan Casey

The Vice Chairman – Councillor Richard Hovey

The Chairman of Finance – Councillor Bill Herriman

Councillors were re-elected to various committees as in the previous year.

Following on from the discussion of the speedwatch campaign PC Nick Moore reported that speed checks had been made by the police prior to this meeting and it was disappointing to learn that many vehicles had been breaking the speed limit by a considerable mph.

Crimes reported and recorded included car damage, racial offence, 2 possession of drugs, three thefts of lead from houses in Crewe Road and criminal damage.  There had been 6 ASB’s on the Village Green.

Details of speed checking was ongoing but as was reported at the AGM more volunteers are urgently needed.

The problems of the potholes are getting worse and Councillor Hammond urged people with concerns to ring 0300 123 5500, the only way to get attention to this problem was to keep reporting the offending potholes on a regular basis and parishioners are asked to help to keep the pressure on until remedies are taken over this matter.

The yellow lines on The Dingle and Primrose Avenue are to be extended to alleviate problems with over parking.  The parking adjacent to the school is getting worse and is a safety concern.

The Pool Meadows footpath onto Sydney had been walked and concerns were expressed about the access lines around the farm.

Two lights in Vicarage Road had been reported as unlit, they had not been completed since the lights were maintained some time ago.

The Chairman gave his report regarding his meeting along with Councillor Hammond with Cheshire East Councillors and the Police concerning the visit of the travelling community, in Winterley, they are expected at the end of May.

Councillors were very concerned as they remembered the trouble that was caused by the travellers on their last visit.  He was assured the police presence would be very visual and everything would be done to keep this visit trouble  free.  The police were going to visit all businesses in the area to advise them the best course of action should any disruption take place.  The travellers are due to come the last week in May and assurance was given that they would definitely  leave on Friday 1 June.  The Jubilee Celebrations are due to take place on Saturday 2 June and security would be provided on the Village Green until Monday 4 June.

It was reported that brambles needed to be cut from the Pool side in Winterley and the Clerk was asked to write to the land owner regarding this problem.

A new Union Flag is to be purchased in time for the Diamond Jubilee weekend.

Cllr Doris Farrall