Parish Council Notes – March 2012

The meeting began with PC Nick Moore giving his report of crime in the parish during February; these included three burglaries, one case of harassment, an assault in Waterloo Road, a dispute between neighbours and a stolen car.  Also 11 ASB offences had been committed.  Fly tipping had been reported on the by-pass bridge.  More volunteers are needed for the speedwatch  to take place.  Details of this can be found on the website  It was suggested that the Parish Council meet with councillors from Goostrey regarding setting up a permanent speed sign, one that flashed the speed of your car when it went past the sign.  The speeding through all the roads in the parish is causing concern, the matter seems to be getting worse and it is a worrying fact that accidents are bound to happen.

The potholes in the parish have not been repaired although chalk marks have been put around some of the deeper ones.  It was explained by Councillor Hammond that the problem is wide all over Cheshire East Council and it will take time to repair the damage done by the winter weather.  Councillor Wood remarked that the roads are no longer maintained to the standard they used to be and that the pothole repairs that occur every year must need as much money as resurfacing the roads.

There were reports that the dog fouling on pavements was increasing. The dog warden had recently issued an on the spot fine to a resident who allowed their dog to foul the pavement and residents who allow this to happen are asked to have more thought for other people as contact with dog dirt can be a very serious health hazard.

The matter of a footpath to the skate park was still ongoing but getting land to enable this footpath to be made was a problem.

There had been no response to the enquiry of available land for allotments and until such land is available the Parish Council cannot supply this facility.  It was noted that if the Parish Council cannot supply this land that the responsibility reverts back the Cheshire East Council.

The Haslington Conservation Group is erecting a new noticeboard at Winterley Pool with grants from various organisations including the Parish Council.

It was reported that HGV wagons had been parking overnight at Winterley Pool and neighbours had complained about this.  This was passed on to PC Moore

Councillor Doris Farrall has resigned from the committee for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations due to other Parish Council commitments and her place has been taken by Councillor Richard Hovey.  Councillor Lee Allen thanked Councillor Farrall for her valuable input to date.  The celebrations to take place on the Village Green on 2 June will be opened by Lady Delves Broughton accompanied by the Chairman of the Parish Council.

Councillor Doris Farrall