Parish Council Notes – June 2012

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore on offences committed during the previous weeks.

He reported 12 offences which included attempted burglary and theft of garden pots in Winterley, theft of a bicycle in Vicarage Road and also from the Fox Inn,  damage to 4 vehicles, theft of scrap mettle from Nesfield Drive and assault on the police by the travellers.

There were  18  reported incidents involving the visiting travellers including damage to the toilets in the Fox Inn, and urinating in public in the local vicinity.

The speed gun and been used to detect speeding traffic and 30% were local residents and 70% were the visiting travelling community.

There had been two trained speedwatch volunteers and PC Moore and Councillor Geoff Beadle were taking the initiative in taking the speeding traffic problem into the community.

Cycling on the pavement was reported as being a safety hazard to pedestrians.  There was no problem with children cycling on the pavement when the traffic was heavy but it had been noticed that a number of adults were now using the pavements to cycle even when there was no traffic.

Parking outside One Stop was becoming an increasing problem motorists coming out of Fields Road were finding it difficult to see past vehicles illegally parked outside the shop.  The traffic wardens were to be alerted to this problem.

Although the majority of the councillors recognised the new layout of the lines at the Crewe Green roundabout as a benefit to the motorists it was thought that  distinctive lining indicating the A534 and the B5077 would be an asset and Councillor John Hammond is to contact the appropriate authorities about this matter.

The mobile library would now be visiting Newtons Grove Winterley on a Wednesday between 2.05pm and 2.30pm, Haslington – Ashley Meadow 2.40pm to 3.25pm and St Matthews Close from 3.50pm to 4.50pm.

Councillor Lee Allen was to attend a meeting with the FCC Environment Maw Green Landfill Committee, this was to report on any update.

The parking to be allowed in front of the bungalows adjacent to the Indian Takeaway would be in situ shortly when some of the removal of yellow lines and white hatching would take place.  This would hopefully stop illegal parking on double yellow lines in front of the bakery and the Broughton Arms.

The flower beds and tubs had been planted out throughout the Parish but unfortunately some of the geranium plants had been taken out of one of the pots on Crewe Road.

The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations on the Village Green went very well and Councillor Lee Allen thanked everyone who had taken part in making this a very good village day, in spite of the weather!  Some of the Diamond Jubilee mugs are still available to the public at £2.50 (a bargain) and can be purchased from Food for Thought.  These will be collectors items in the future.