Parish Council Notes – January 2012

The meeting began with the Chairman wishing all a very happy New Year.

PC Moore reported that there had only been 41 incidents since the last meeting and these involved domestic dispute, crime incidents, ASB, theft from houses, criminal damage, theft from Haslington Hall, and assault on Crewe Road.  Anyone concerned about suspicious behaviour is asked to phone 101 which will put them in contact with the police.  This is the new number for non emergency calls but will ultimately be the number for all calls to contact the police.  The emergency number still remains 999.  If any local matter needs to be reported to PC Moore please ring the voicemail on 0845 458 6370.  Our PCSO is Colin Charlesworth who works alongside PC Nick Moore.

Speeding motor scooters along the road at Winterley were deemed to be dangerous as they were driving too close to the cars they were following and would not be able to stop without causing an accident.  The problem of speeding traffic was again a matter of concern and it was suggested the Parish purchase a Smiley Sid to bring the drivers attention to the speed they were doing.  However an article in the LCR magazine supplied to councillors gave a different aspect on this subject and this was to be considered at the next meeting.  The Chairman said he knew someone who would be interested helping in the speed watch campaign and if anyone would be interested in joining this would they please contact 0845 458 6370 and leave a message for PC Moore

The Carol Service around the Christmas Tree was a success once again in spite of the very cold weather.  Unfortunately Father Christmas was not able to attend in his sleigh this year but was in attendance to distribute sweets to the children.

The Christmas Tree on the Village Green was splendid this year and all councillors agreed it was outstanding and very beautiful.

The allotment forum posted on the website had not had a very good response.  If anyone is able to suggest sites for allotments please go onto the Parish website.

The Ward visit by Councillor Michael Jones, Cabinet Member for East Cheshire was made in December and Councillors Casey, Hovey and Hammond accompanied

him.  They all thought the visit was very successful and agreed that Councillor Jones understood the concerns regarding the villages and countryside in a positive way.

The Crewe Green Development is very concerning as the powers that be seem to be ignoring the protests made by residents outside the Hamlet although this development would affect Haslington in a very negative way.  More houses in this area would put a very great strain on schools and doctors in the Haslington area, the existing facilities for residents are not great, unfortunately this seems to be a matter of little concern to the developers and the Duchy Estate.

Whether free bus passes were to be retracted was queried by a parishioner. This was discussed and the Clerk was to ascertain whether Cheshire East were indeed to cease issuing free bus passes in the near future.

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were going ahead nicely and the design for the celebratory mug was chosen by councillors at this meeting.  Both the Haslington Primary and the Dingle School had submitted designs for this mug and the winners of each age group would receive a voucher for £10 and the overall winner would receive a voucher for £25.  These would be presented in the near future to the winners by Councillors Lee Allen, Doris Farrall and Sharon Gorman.

Councillor D Farrall