Parish Council Notes – December 2012

The meeting began with PC  Nick Moore reporting on the number of offences  during November.  In all 12 offences had been committed ranging from domestic assault, a vehicle stolen in Haslington and found burnt out in Middlewich, a stolen trailer, violent disorder, stolen bicycle and 3 burglaries.

The crime rate was considerably up on last month but PC Moore said normally the crime rate in the parish was very low.

PC Moore was thanked for his contribution to the Remembrance Sunday event.

The lights in Winterley on the main road near to Winterley Pool are still not working and as it is a dangerous bend it was important that these lights be mended immediately.

The street lights in various parts of East Cheshireare to be turned off from midnight to 5.30am.  This measure was made by Traffic Management Office in consultation with Cheshire East  to enable a large amount of money to be saved by the Council.  Councillors were concerned that this may endanger life.  Apparently the lights on the Haslington By Pass are affected by this decision

Important road repairs are scheduled to be undertaken during 2013 and Cheshire East have earmarked revenue for this to take place.  A decision as to which of  the roads in need of the most urgent repair will be made by the Highways Agency.  Haslington Parish Council are very concerned with the state of the roads in the parish and will ask that great consideration will be paid to our roads for repair.

The overflowing grid outside of the bus stop at the Bradeley Road junction was reported yet again and Councillor Hammond said he would take this on board.  The grids in the parish are in a deplorable state and  have not been cleaned out for a considerable time; this was considered to be not acceptable.

The street lighting in Mount Pleasant has not yet been repaired, the Clerk was asked to write yet again to get this problem remedied.

The decision to allow building on the field adjacent to Vicarage Road had caused a lot of anger with residents and councillors alike. The decision was made by those members of the Strategic Planning Board who had not taken the trouble to visit the site when the access was the main problem. This  did not seem to be a democratic way of dealing with the issue. Residents who attended the meeting were dismayed by the manner of the councillors who voted for the building to go ahead.

There was great concern over applications in the area for building on green-field sites and Parish Councils in the surrounding area were also fighting these applications.  Because there is no Local Plan as yet builders are at liberty to apply to build on any ground they deem to be suitable for housing.

The Poppy Appeal raised £3,047 for the British Legion and thanks were made to all who contributed.  Councillor George Wood reported that one box had been stolen from a collection point. This was  the first time he could remember such a thing happening. A contribution was made in lieu  by the owners of the venue from where the box had been taken

Complaints about the posters scattered around the village advertising events had been received by the council and the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authority to ask them remove these posters.

The meeting ended with the Chairman providing sherry and mince pies and he wished all a Very Merry Christmas.