Parish Council Notes – April 2012

PC Nick Moore reported 5 offences had taken place during the last month, including exposure by a young lad on the playing field, a Public Order offence and 2 assaults.  Also vehicles had been reported as being scratched along the side and this seemed to be a random offence; 5 ASBO’s had been issued.  Fly tipping off the bypass had been reported and this had been reported to Streetscape who had removed the offending debris.

The issue of the speed watch was ongoing and the Chairman of Goostrey Parish Council was coming to the June meeting to give feedback on the result of the speeding awareness signs employed by his Parish Council.

The lack of  appropriate fencing along the bridge over the brook opposite the Dingle School had been brought to the attention of the Parish Council and the Clerk was to write to the appropriate authority to get this problem resolved.  It was pointed out some of the fencing had been removed and children could easily fall into the brook.  This matter needed to be resolved with some urgency.

Some street signs in the village were in need of upgrading and this was being looked into.

The problem of finding suitable land for allotments was proving very difficult but Haslington Parish Council were aware of their obligations to provide this facility.  However it is very difficult if no such land is made available to them.  If anyone knows of anyone willing to rent or sell land which would be suitable please contact the Clerk with this information

The Chairman was accompanying Parish and Borough Councillors to see the new Waste Disposal site at Shotton.  This is apparently a very good new recycling plant.

The road hatching along Crewe Road near to Mere Street was to be removed to provide parking spaces nearer to the shops.  Hopefully this will alleviate the illegal parking in the narrow part of the Crewe Road.

The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations were on track and Councillor Lightfoot gave Councillor Hovey information regarding provision of security which will be needed from Friday to Monday to protect the facilities which were being provided on the Village Green.  The evening entertainment would be provided from 7.30pm to 11pm

Mention was made regarding the smell of the fertiliser being used to spread on the fields.  This had been particularly pungent during the last week or so, resulting in windows in houses being closed because of the invading smell.  There is a limit to the smell allowed in the area and anyone having any concerns should ring  the Environment Agency on 08708 506506.  Oakhanger and the surrounding areas have had experience of this problem in the past.

The AGM pf Haslington Parish Council will be held on 14 May beginning at 7.30m and will be held in the small hall of Yoxall Village Hall.

Councillor Doris Farrall