Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2019


Residents attended to discuss two areas the first was a complaint with regards the danger of vehicles parking on pavements and double yellow lines causing difficulties for pushchairs, disability scooters etc accessing the pavements. This has been an ongoing situation and the Parish Council have sent their concerns to the relevant authorities for many months with limited response, however they will pass the complaints onward once again.

More that 40+ residents from Winterley came to express their objections to the two planning applications that had been submitted to the Planning Officer.
The Chairman gave the Parish Council views that objections were justifiable especially as we were advised that the Parish had more than their quota of new developments.
The residents were advised to write their objections individually to the Planning Officer before the closing dates with their objections.

The meeting of the Parish Councillors began with the Chairman reporting that he had not received any beat report for July and had no feedback.
The Chairman and PCSO Jolley had arranged a meeting with the young people of the Parish at the Gutterscroft Hall to obtain their ideas for activities for young people. Unfortunately, no one from the public attended this meeting so no feedback was forthcoming.
The gutters in Clay Lane were very badly affected by mud and in need of cleaning.
The junction to the By-Pass in Clay Lane had now been repaired.
The junction of the Bovis estate was still without required white lines.
There was hole in the road by Winterley Pool on the Haslington side that was proving to be dangerous to motorists.
The hedge at Kents Green Lane was badly in need of cutting.
There was to be a Speedwatch Meeting with Highways and it was suggested that because of the number of speeding offences recorded by PC Jolley a speed camera should by installed and white 30mph signs should be put on the road from Haslington to Winterley.
The rubbish bin on the corner of the Dingle was reported by ANSA employees as being used for large amount of household rubbish of late and that this was not acceptable use of this bin. It was suggested that the bin be removed from this corner and reinstalled on the Primrose Avenue/Dingle junction.
The access to the Village Green was discussed after the recent occupation of the travellers. Methods to prevent access to unauthorised vehicles were discussed and this matter is ongoing while further information is obtained.
The hedge on the Oakhanger road was overgrown and the 30mph sign was completely obscured. This was reported to Highways.
The sign for Park Road had not been replaced and this was reported to Cheshire East.
The Red Cross Flower Show was reported to have been successful.
The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 7 October 2019. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.

Cllr Mrs D Farrall