Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2017

The Chairman Councillor Geoff Beadle welcomed the new Councillor for Winterley Ward, Councillor Howard Blake to the meeting.

The police reported a quiet month and promised to reintroduce a more detailed report for each month by our new PCSO, who was due to begin duty in October following training.

Shelburne Drive still have a problem with a dip in the road and this was to be reported to Highways again.

The work on the bridge at Maw Lane was due to begin, under the control of Cheshire East Highways Department, and the signage about this work and road closure was held to be satisfactory. It was thought that the whole of Maw Lane was in dire need of resurfacing but this would take place after the road opened again.

Parking outside Food for Thought Bakery is still an issue and still under discussion. The loading and unloading of food vans was something that needs to be catered for as these are necessary for the shop business. Among suggestions was a pull in for the food vans. A meeting between the police, Cheshire County Council and the Parish Council was to be arranged to discuss the matter and to try to obtain a satisfactory outcome for all concerned.

Most pavements in the Parish were in urgent need of complete resurfacing and the Clerk was to inform Cheshire East Highways of this problem.

The street lighting along Primrose Avenue, also a section of Park Road, is being obscured by tree branches and this problem needs to be addressed. Action is still awaited regarding previous reports on this subject earlier this year.

Vandalism damage and the need to improve and update the play facility on the Gutterscroft Playing Field is an ongoing matter for the Parish Council. Minor repairs, cleaning and repainting are being carried out while a replacement and upgrading scheme is carefully planned and organised.

The recent speedwatch that had taken place reported that 80% of the speeding traffic was being driven by residents of the Parish.

The Chairman thanked the Speedwatch volunteers for the unstinting hard work and giving of their free time for this programme.

Councillor Wood asked about the installation of the Winterley bus shelter and was informed that it was scheduled to be in situ this week.

Councillor Howard Blake is taking on the project with fellow volunteers of tidying the frontage of Winterley Pool and clearing some excessive shrubbery.

The next meeting of the Parish Council would take place in the Yoxall Village Hall on 2 October 2017 starting at 7.30pm.

Please contact the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams, on tel. 568760 or if you have any concerns that need discussing at the next Parish Council meeting.