Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2015

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore regarding crime related incidents. There were 14 crime incidents since the last meeting in July.  The included:

Criminal damage to a vehicle, assault with injury, shop lifting, 2 crime related incidents, 2 assaults (domestic) 1 burglary in an unoccupied dwelling, a drugs offence (this was a vehicle stopped on the by-pass where the occupants had drugs in their possession, so although it was not actually in the village it had to be added to our statistics), public order offence and 2 burglaries. In August a pedal cycle was stolen, 2 thefts from properties, one assault, one criminal damage and a burglary from on outdoor freezer.

Anti Social Behaviour was: 10 recorded in July and 6 in August, these included parents fighting at a football match and nuisance doorbell ringing.

The PSCO for our area has resigned but a new PCSO is in training for our district.

If anyone has any concerns regarding incidents they think should be reported to the police PC Moore urged anyone to ring 101 regarding the problems.

The laurels alongside the edge of the Guttersroft Playing Field were to be removed to prevent them being a shield for youth related problems.

There had been a problem with partying in a field off Newtons Lane again, these youngsters came off the by-pass onto the field and were causing distress to the residents in the surrounding area. The people taking part were informed of the party by social media i.e. Facebook etc.

A donation was made to the Brownies who use St Matthews Church Hall to enable them to buy storage equipment. This is felt a worthwhile cause for the young people in the village.

The problem of dog fouling was brought to the attention of the councillors but until dog walkers take responsibility for their dogs all the council can do is to appeal to them to be aware of the dangers involved in dog fouling e.g. disease etc.

The question of parking outside Brook Terrace by people not living there was raised. This had been addressed at the July meeting and had seemed to have been solved, however residents had complained the matter had come back. This was to be addressed by the Chairman

Overgrown hedges obstructing pavements was still an issue and Cheshire East Council was to be informed once more of the problem. The soil close to the hedge needs to be dug back to allow pedestrians to use the whole pavement, at the moment there is only room people to walk in single file.

The Parish Surgery that was held at Gutterscroft Centre in July was attended by 11 residents and the main concerns were the Dingle roads (speeding) and seats on the Gutterscroft and Village Green.  It was pointed out at the Parish Council meeting that seats had been provided in the past but had been removed because of vandalism.

New signs were to be erected on the Gutterscroft Playing Field advising of the usage of the playing field for young people. A sign was to be erected advising that the play equipment is inspected on a monthly basis by a qualified engineer.

There is to be a meeting in September regarding the village plan. This was for councillors and specific residents by invitation only for the first meeting.

There had been a request put forward to have a ‘Party in the Park’ on the Gutterscroft Playing Field next year. This was to be considered when plans for the event were given to the Parish Council.

Wellesley Avenue had been resurfaced and road patching had taken place in Clay Lane. It was felt that many of Haslington’s roads were in need of repair and this had been passed onto Cheshire East many times.

There had been a request by an organisation to use the Village Green for a charity event.  It was felt that only residents in the Parish could use the Village Green.