Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2014


The meeting began with thanks being extended to PC N Moore for his rapid response to the gypsy movement coming to Winterley.  The police and the Environment Agency were given little warning to the visit and so all stops were pulled out to ensure the visit went off with very little disruption to the Parish.

He was also thanked for his attendance to the Lights Out event on 8 August to commemorate World War One centenary.  The event was very well attended and thanks were extended to the parishioners for their presence at this very worthy remembrance service. It was made more poignant and personal as the names of the men who gave their lives in service to their county were read out along with the time and place where they had met their untimely death.

When entering Haslington the 40mph and 30mph road signs were not visible because of the overgrown hedges and the Highways were to be notified of the problem.

The verges throughout the Parish were overgrown and were causing danger to pedestrians; in some places the space only allowed for single file which caused problems for people with small children and prams.

The pavements throughout the Parish were in desperate need of resurfacing and councillors could not remember when this very necessary work was last carried out.

Mr Colin Lythgoe had informed the Parish Council that he was regrettably unable to carry out his duty as Tree Warden any longer and the Clerk was asked to write to him to express the thanks of the Parish Council for the many years he has given his time in this capacity.

The surface of roads in Winterley were in a very bad state especially from Newtons Lane through to the Hollybush.  There were many potholes, some very large ones, and this was a major concern to the Winterley councillors.

The Parish were to receive a grant of £2620 for refurbishment and maintenance of the War Memorial in Haslington.

The North West in Bloom had written to say that the Neighbourhood Awards to Crosslands, Orchard Court, Walker Close and Mere Close were to be presented at the Awards Ceremony in Southport.  Unfortunately it was not deemed to be possible to attend this ceremony and Councillor Mrs Doris Farrall was to write to the relevant people asking that the Awards be sent to Haslington so that they could be presented at the 65 Club in November.

It was reported that the footpaths on the Haslington Circular Walk were in need of attention as they were very badly overgrown with nettles etc.

Green Lane in Winterley was being used for fly tipping and other antisocial events.

The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authority to report this.

The hedges in Winterley along the pavements were very badly overgrown and the grids were overgrown with weeds.  The grids throughout the parish did not seem to get the attention as they once did resulting in all of them needing attention.

A ballot was taken to co-op a new Councillor in place of the late Ken Lightfoot and Clive Rotherham who had been a Borough Councillor in the past was elected as a Ward Councillor for Haslington.

Unfortunately  The Chairman, Councillor Richard Hovey, was unable to present the awards at the Best Kept Gardens this year so Vice Chairman Councillor Geoff Beadle was to present them this year.  Councillor Hovey said he would do his very best to attend later in the afternoon.