Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2011

The Chairman reported that the War Memorial had been repaired but it was suggested that the Second World War plaque should be reinstated at a future date to improve the general appearance of the memoreal.

He said he had attended the Crewe Golf Club 100 year celebrations and had been welcomed and very impressed with the events of the evening.

The Red Cross Flower Show that had taken place recently had been disappointing with the low attendance of the public but the exhibitions had been very good.  Perhaps more advertising need to take place next year to make the public aware of this very worthwhile village event.

It was suggested that leaflets advertising village events could perhaps be made available to parishioners via the local shops.  It was also suggested that a diary could be made available for organisers to register their events to cut down the duplication of these and enable more supporters to attend

Two cycle racks were to be installed one on the Village Green and one at Winterley Pool.  It is thought these facilities were needed to enable cyclists to leave their machines in safety.

A new kitchen had been installed at the Gutterscroft and had been warmly welcomed as a much needed improvement to the Centre.  Ongoing improvements are in the pipeline.

Councillor Ken Lightfoot had been appointed to the Community Resistance Programme.

It was reported that Haslington, Winterley and the Haslington Conservationists had achieved an award in the North West in Bloom competition and the awards  would be presented at Southport in October.

It was also suggested that parishioners should be aware that to take dogs on a footpath in a field that has cows with calves occupying it was very dangerous.  If anyone should find themselves in the position of being among cows that seem threatening and liable to stampede they are advised to let the dog go as it is the dog  they seem to see as a threat to their young calves.  This may seem to be a very cruel thing to do but the dog has a much better chance of escaping the herd than the dog handler.

It was reported that rats had been seen in various locations throughout the village and the advise to anyone seeing these vermin in the vicinity of their property is to ring the Cheshire East Pest Control Unit.

D Farrall Haslington PC