Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2009

The Clerk reported that Cheshire East Council are looking into the possibility of providing allotments for residents.

Councillors Betts and Casey have assured councillors that they have insurance to cover walkers taking part in the Tuesday walks when being some walkers are accompanied by dogs on leads. 

PC Nick Moore introduced new PCSO Colin Charlesworth who works jointly in Haslington and Waldron areas.  PC Moore stated that there were 13 crimes committed in July and 20 in August, he stated that residents must be aware of security, making sure all gates, doors and windows are locked.  They had had problems with youths on the Gutterscroft once more and youngsters drinking on the Village Green.  He asked for more volunteers for the Speed Watch project.  If anyone is interested in helping to alleviate the speeding of vehicles in the Parish by joining the Speed Watch team would they please contact PC Moore on 0845 458 6370 and leave a voice mail message for PC Moore leaving your details and telephone number and he will get back to you asap.

The Parish Councillor vacancy that was advertised recently was filled by Mrs S P Gorman of Winterley.  She was co-opted by written Ballot.

Councillor Hammond provided Members with a list of proposed Highway Improvement Schemes for the Parish.  Councillors discussed the following: Primrose Avenue road calming;  Crewe Green roundabout improvements; Pool Lane/Hassall Road junction; interactive speed signs, Speed Watch signs and proposed footpath along the Dingle to the skate park.

Complaints about the small gate at Haslington Primary School were received as this gate is not adjacent to the Crossing Patrol.  In the interests of safety PC Nick Moore agreed to speak to the Head Teacher.

During the month Cheshire East Council had agreed to replace the existing bus shelters throughout Haslington and Winterley.  They will take full responsibility for their maintenance and cleanliness in the future.

Councillor J Hammond reported that land at Shelburne Drive is in the ownership of Cheshire East Council.  The matter of maintenance and ownership is ongoing.

There had been an enquiry about the possibility of a mobile youth bus; the youth bus that had been attending Haslington in the past was abused by the youths and so had been discontinued.

Councillor Casey outlined problems being experienced by residents when gaining access to the car park adjoining Bagain Booze.  The Clerk was to write to the Business Manager for Car parking requesting that yellow hatchings be provided.

It was reported that The Dingle School had won first prize in the Vegetable Garden for Schools and Councillor Mrs Farrall requested that a letter of congratulations be sent to the School.   This was the first time the school had entered this competition and they were to be commended.

The Red Cross had asked for sponsorship of some classes in the Haslington Flower and Vegetable Show.  Although the Show had taken place before the Parish Council meeting it was felt that this should be given due consideration and was put on the agenda for the October meeting.

The signs for Crewe Golf Club had been removed and visitors were finding it extremely difficult to access this venue causing problems for residents in Waterloo Road .  The Clerk was to write to Cheshire East Council asking that they replace the signs urgently.

The Best Kept Gardens Awards will take place on Friday 25 September in the Church Hall beginning at 8pm.  All winners have been notified.

It was reported that Mr and Mrs L Jones had retired from the Red Cross after many many years.  It was resolved that a letter go to Mr & Mrs Jones thanking them for all their hard work and efforts in the past years.