Parish Council Meeting Notes – September 2008

Pc N Moore stated that there were 7 crimes reported during July and 17 reported during August.  There were 40 incidents of anti-social behaviour, 10 related youth problems involving alcohol.  Both Haslington and Oakhanger are now covered with the Speed Watch Schemes and more volunteers had been recruited to help run Speed Watch.  Repairing of vehicles using the grass verge in Primrose Avenue was reported to PC Moore along with youngsters drinking by the brook in Primrose Avenue walkway.

A number of street lights were reported to be unlit and the Clerk was to write to the relevant authority.  The trees near to the Primary School needed cutting back to enable motorists to see the zebra crossing.

The Best Kept Garden Awards are to be presented on Friday 26 September at 8pm in the Church Hall. The Vice Chairman Mr Bill Herriman will present the prizes.

The Civic Service is to be held on Sunday 28 September at 4pm and refreshments will be served in the Church Hall after the Service.

Haslington Parish Council has won an award in the North West in Bloom Competition.  The Vice Chairman and Mrs Herriman will attend the Award Ceremony in Liverpool to receive the Award on behalf of the Parish Council.

The Chairman has been invited to attend a Garden Party at Tatton Park on 30 September.  The Garden Party is given by the Chairman of Cheshire County Council in recognition of the work Town and Parish Councils do on behalf of the community.

The Chairman was to meet with Mr Chris Lawton of Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council to discuss new play equipment for the Gutterscroft Playing Field.

Councillor J Hammond stated that he had been approached about providing tennis courts on the playing field in Clay Lane.

Although the Chairman had made numerous requests for the end of the parking bay along Brook Terrace to be finished with tarmac and had requested the help of Councillor David Brickhill in this matter, the work still needs to be carried out. This has been an ongoing problem for over 18 months and is very unsatisfactory..

Various hedges along the pavements Haslington to Winterley are very badly overgrown and the Clerk was to write to the Area Maintenance Engineer Cheshire County Council requesting notice be sent to the owners of any hedges that need cutting back.

The Post Box on Crewe Road Winterley is to be resited by the telephone kiosk and the bus stop.

Complaints have been received from residents concerning the lack of bus service to the Doctors’ Surgery in Hungerford Road.  The Clerk is to write again to the relevant authority stressing the need for this service.

The planning application for a proposed Radio Base in the centre of Haslington has met with fierce opposition and over 200 letters of objection have been delivered to Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council

There have been a number of daffodil bulbs donated by CNBC and anyone wishing for bulbs to be planted near to their homes please contact the Clerk with their request.

Councillor Betts stated that he had received a lot of feedback from residents regarding the Parish Plan and will arrange a meeting the Councillor Hovey to discuss matters prior to the Parish Plan being printed.


D Farrall Chairman