Parish Council Meeting Notes – Sept 2013

The October meeting was preceded by Councillor Michael Jones Chief Executive of Cheshire East Council addressing residents who had shown concerns regarding planning applications in the parish.

He stated that in his opinion the application Hazel Bank would not go ahead as the infrastructure did not lend itself to more houses being built in the Haslington area.

He also stated that the application being granted for houses adjoining Vicarage Road was not dealt with in the right way i.e. councillors who did not attend the ‘calling in’ to see at first hand the concerns regarding the access to these houses and who subsequently outvoted the councillors against this application was a detrimental decision.  Because of this plans were in place to ensure all councillors involved in such a planning application visited the site before the actual planning meeting took place.  He was asked if he could overturn the decision to go ahead with the Vicarage Road application but he said it was not possible to do this.  However he said he would personally meet with concerned residents at the site at a date to be try to find a solution to the access problem.

The actual meeting of the Parish Council began with a minutes silence in memory of Councillor Bill Herriman who died recently.  Councillor Herriman was respected by all and served the parish well.  Reverend Anne Lawton then said a prayer for Bill before the meeting began.

The meeting then was closed to enable residents who attended to voice their concerns over certain issues.

Residents from Fields Road were very concerned about the speed of traffic going along the road mainly to the Golf Club.  They said that it was only a matter of time before someone was seriously injured or even killed.  PC Nick Moore said he would put some speedwatch measures in place to monitor the situation.  He also said that a speedwatch volunteer would be very helpful to try to sort this problem out.

There were concerns expressed by some residents from Wintereley affected by the planning application for houses to be built in the area at the back of the Hollybush Inn.  They said that the access to the main Crewe Road would be very dangerous as it was on a bend with limited visibility from both the Sandbach and Crewe area.

Residents who were concerned about the impending visit of the travellers on land in Winterley came to ask what measures had been put in place to ensure that there were no unpleasant incidents to affect the parish.  They also asked why there had been no meeting between the churches, councillors and the Parish Council earlier in the year as had been promised.  They were told that an assurance was given that the travellers would not be coming to this area again for some time.  Neither the council nor the police were given any indication that another visit was imminent until 10 days before the Religious festival was due to take place. PC Nick Moore said that there would be a substantial police presence in the vicinity for the whole of the time the Travellers were in the parish.

The meeting was again opened for Parish Council agenda items to be discussed.  It was decided by an overall majority that the matters to be dealt with would be the urgent ones i.e. finance and that the other items would be carried over until the October meeting