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Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2019

The meeting was attended by three residents from Oakhanger who asked the Parish Council to assist with their request for an improvement to the speed limit through to Oakhanger village. At the present the speed from Haslington to Oakhanger was 60mph which was unsafe for motorists and pedestrians alike given the winding, narrow road which was in existence at the moment. Traffic calming was essential through the village, speeding was a definite problem with more housing development creating an increase in road traffic.
They were not happy with the response of the police regarding accidents that had taken place involving speeding traffic and asked the Parish Council to consider their request.
The Chairman said that as a Parish we would support where possible but also advised residents to log/ report all incidents as Police and Highways use data and intelligence to determine their priorities.

The police had sent a beat report regarding incidents in the Parish and these were noted.
There was culvert in the road by Winterley Pool on the Haslington side that was proving to be dangerous to motorists. This had been reported at the last meeting
There had been an alteraction on the Gutterscroft Playing Field involving young people and the Chairman suggested the Council look into providing CCTV to eliminate these problems.
The Bovis Estate still had not installed white lines at the entrance/exit to the estate.
The access to the Village Green was discussed after the recent occupation of the travellers. Methods to prevent access to unauthorised vehicles were discussed in detail and it was decided this was to be on the agenda at the next meeting.
The hedge on the Oakhanger road was overgrown and the 30mph sign was completely obscured. This was reported again to Highways.
The Vice Chairman gave his report on his attendance at the event to remember the beginning of WW2. This event was to pay homage to the people who gave their lives for the country.
He attended the Pea and Pie Supper at the Cricket Club and reported a very successful evening. The service at St Matthews Church was very well attended the very moving and the Lights Out at the War Memorial, which was attended by the Mayor of Crewe and the Deputy Chair of Cheshire East, was extremely well presented and said that Colin Cook deserved a thank you for his efforts.
The WI gave all who attended this event refreshments that were served at the Cosey Club.
The Remembrance Day was discussed and there will be a road closure for this event.
The Neighbourhood Plan is ongoing.
The Christmas tree was to be ordered as were the flowers for the various flower beds and baskets.
A letter had been received bringing numerous requests to the Parish Council on matters that had been discussed at length at previous meetings. The matters are ongoing and will be referred once more to the relevant authorities.
The sign for Park Road had not been replaced and this was reported to Cheshire East.
It is essential that this sign is replaced as it is also an address for St Matthews Church Hall.
The official opening of the new play equipment on the playing field was to take place on Thursday 31 October at 11pm. Refreshments would be served after the ribbon cutting at the opening.
Minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be 4 November 2019. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.

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