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Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2018

The meeting began with a report that the road in Maw Lane needs attention and the roads in Clay Lane and Kents Green Lane are in a very bad condition.

The signs in Maw Lane that were painted on the road giving drivers a clear account of miles per hour in this area had faded out and needed replacing urgently as this was becoming a very dangerous area with speeding traffic, especially with it being used as an access to the village and Sandbach because of work on the Crewe Green roundabout taking place.

No police reports for September had been submitted but this was perhaps because the meeting was scheduled for 1 October and the reports were not were forwarded to the Chairman until a little later in the month.

Cars parking on pavements throughout the village was becoming a serious issue. The vehicles were parking and taking up most of the pavements having no regard for people with pushchairs or people with mobility scooters who have to get off the pavement onto the road to continue their journey

ANSA had submitted plans for the Gutterscroft Playing Field and the play equipment, but councillors decided that they needed a more comprehensive plan before making a decision on what the outcome should be.

A large quantity of concrete had been dumped inside the Gutterscroft gateway and this was to be removed.

It was reported that there was to be an expansion of Sandbach Schools but Haslington was to remain the catchment area for these schools.

The Yoxall Committee need more members to ensure the Yoxall remains as a charity hall in the Village.

The Best Kept Garden presentations took place recently and it was deemed to be a success.  Councillor Howard Blake had taken over the organisation of the Best Kept Gardens when Councillor Doris Farrall handed it over to him.  She said it needed a new vision and new people to run the event.  Before the presentation Councillor Blake made a heartfelt and amusing tribute to Councillor Farrall saying she had been organising this event for many, many years and he had not appreciated the hard work it involved. The Chairman presented Councillor Farrall with an orchid plant which she accepted with thanks.

At the meeting of the Parish Council Councillor Farrall gave thanks to all who had helped and supported her over the years.

The access to the Skate Park has been blocked off because people were using the park to exercise their dogs and after having picked up the dog faeces left them in the Cricket Club car park for someone else to clean up.

The car park at the Skate Park needed expansion as the dog walkers and football players needed more space.  The request was made to Cheshire East Council for this to be implemented.

The lights to enable pedestrians to go to and from Hazelmere housing estate were not working and this was to be reported to the relevant authority

Remembrance Day ceremony on 11 November was discussed and as it was the end of WW1 it was important to make it a special Remembrance Day

If anyone wishes to see the Minutes of this meeting please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Mrs Joan Adams, on 568760. This will be issued after the November meeting to be held 5th November 2018

Cllr. D Farrall

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