Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2017

A report was received from the Beat Manager for Crewe Local Policing Unit, Kerry Cummings. She said that the new PCSO was in training during October and would hopefully be attending the November meeting.  She also issued a report dated from July to September for Haslington and Winterley.  The report said that several incidents had occurred including pharmacy alarm activations, 4 reported harassments, 2 local RTC, 2 thefts, 3 reports of missing persons, 5 reported suspicious activities, 3 ASB 4 concerns for safety, 3 domestic incidents, 2 requests for advice.  No reports of burglary. She also said that if anyone has any related police concerns they can call 0845 458 6370 or email her at Kerry/

The repairs to Shelburne Drive were very unsatisfactory as they were already dipping.  United Utilities were to be contacted regarding this.

The skate park was in a bad state of repair with potholes etc. Also, there was poor visibility for vehicles coming out of the skate park because of the overgrown hedge.

Various hedges needed cutting back especially in Winterley and it was reported that there was no street lighting from Kents Green Lane to Winterley Pool.

Oakland Avenue had been resurfaced. Other roads were in a very bad state and in desperate need of repair.

ANSA had sent leaflets to the Chairman regarding new play equipment for the Gutterscroft playing field. He distributed them for councillors to inspect and forwarded them to Play Committee for their comments.

Parking outside the Bakery is still and problem and is an ongoing investigation with various authorities.

New traffic lights at the railway bridge on Maw Lane will be operating shortly.

The school crossing at Haslington Primary School is being changed to a puffin crossing in the very near future.

The bus service cuts, following consultation which took place in July, and associated problems were discussed.

A request was received from Air Ambulance for a donation to their fund and this was agreed by all councillors.

Councillor Doris Farrall reported on the Best Kept Gardens presentation and said she had received lots of appreciated thanks from the participants.  She thanked all her colleagues who had helped to make this a very good community day for the Parish.

The flower baskets and beds are to be emptied and filled with autumn and winter plants shortly.

The Christmas Tree for the Village Green is to be ordered.

The footbridge over Fowle Brook has been maintained and improved.

Complaints about signs on lampposts throughout the village regarding the various developments that were taking place taking place had been received.  This matter was to be forwarded to the planning enforcement officer.

New booking for the Yoxall can be made by contacting hhtp:/

The next meeting will take place on 6 November 2017 at the Yoxall Village Hall.

Cllr Mrs D Farrall

Please Note:
Haslington Neighbours Network is desperately short of volunteers either to man the phone or to drive people to their local destinations.  The hours are 3 hrs per shift one day a week.  The days are Mondays to Fridays 10am to 1pm or 1pm to 4pm.  If you can find special time to help this organisation it will be very well appreciated. The phone contact number is 01270 254922.