Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2015

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore regarding incidents in the Parish during the last month.

There had only been 7 incidents reported – 4 crime related including the theft of a motor vehicle, an assault on Crewe Road, the theft of wedding gifts and cards and a theft in Winterley. There were 3 ASBs in Haslington, including a neighbour’s dispute, and 2 ASBs in Oakhanger.

It was asked if there was a chance of speed monitoring in the Parish as the speed of vehicles was an issue, and speed enforcement was a necessary at the moment. PC Moore was asked if a PCSO could be brought in to monitor the speed but he said that in November the Parish would be having a PCSO specifically for Haslington Parish and Weston and he hoped that the presence of the PCSO would go a long way to solving the problem of speeding vehicles.

The overhanging hedge next to the dental surgery was in need of cutting back as it impeded the footpath.  The relevant authorities were to be informed of the problem by the Clerk.

Lights on the main road that had been reported in September were still not working and were to be reported once more; councillors said that the footpath between Primrose Avenue and the Gutterscroft had not been working for a long time. This issue to be reported to Scottish Power once more.

There had been a problem with vandalism on the Gutterscroft playing field i.e. fires being started by young people.  It is hoped that when the PCSO is in situ the playing field will be monitored on the regular basis.

Two new noticeboards had been erected on the playing field advising users that the main area was a playing field for children and asked that this be respected as an area for children.  If they were exercising their dogs to please keep to the perimeter of the field and to clean up after their dogs.  It was also requested that a dog bin be put onto the playing field.

Haslington Neighbourhood Planning is to commence, managed by a sub-committee of the Parish Council.  It was thought to be imperative that this is in place sooner rather than later.

The planning information supplied by Councillor Casey was commented on as a well constructed document, it was very clear to all and Councillor Casey was congratulated on making planning applications and decisions clearer and easier to understand.

Information supplied by Highways said that the road from Radway Green traffic lights and Alsager was to be closed from 6 October to 7 November.  This was worrying as people getting to and from Alsager were to be affected badly. More information was needed on this issue.

There had been correspondence from a resident about not having a 30mph sign in Winterley but no repeater signs are installed by law as the 30mph sign at Crewe Green Avenue is the sign that is relevant until near the roundabout on the by-pass and drivers should be aware of this.

The Best Kept Garden Presentation held in September was a resounding success. The event is always a good community get together and the refreshments were excellent as always.  The Chairman congratulated Councillor Farrall for her organisation and she in turn thanked all who helped her to make this such an enjoyable Parish event.

The mast erected by BT on the green in front of Wellesley Avenue had resulted in some residents complaining that it was an eyesore coming into the village and could something be done to disguise it to at least make it less obtrusive.

Kissing Gates had been installed in the footpath from Park Road across the fields around Haslington Hall.  This improvement for walkers was welcomed by all Councillors.

The Christmas tree is to be ordered and will hopefully be installed towards the end of November.

The Chairman thanked all Councillors for their attendance and closed the meeting at 9pm.

Cllr. D Farrall