Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2014

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore on offences committed during September.  These included burglaries assault, theft, and vehicle damage.  There were disputes among neighbours, one domestic and one incident involving ASB by a youth.

Vicarage Road traffic issues caused by the new development were still being reported .

Highway parking was a big problem. The main ones were parking outside One Stop, customers at “Food for Thought Bakery”, parking on the corners of Vicarage Road and Repton Drive.  It was decided that a Traffic Warden would be asked to visit on a more regular basis as these parking offences were ongoing and the parking on the corners of estates means that drivers cannot see traffic oncoming on the main road.  PC Moore said he would look into these problems.

Cyclists on pavements and riding without lights was also causing problems both for pedestrians and drivers.

PC Moore was going to suggest a 20mph for Cartwright Road, Vicarage Road and Repton Drive and this was welcomed by councillors.

The grant for the War Memorial was ongoing but it was suggested that any upgrading would take place after Remembrance Day.

Councillors Lee Allen and Steven Mottram were to liaise with the primary schools to ask that they be involved in the Sunday Remembrance Parade.

The Wildlife Trust had donated 400 plugs for wildflowers and councillors were asked to bring ideas o the next meeting of where these should be planted.

The Hanley bus route via Slaughter Hill corner was to begin again on 23 November and to run every 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes. (Latest news: it has been put back to 30 November)

The Young People’s survey was ongoing.

Councillor Tony Peake reported that the Red Cross Flower Show was a success once again showing a profit of £590.28 with appreciation to the sponsors.  The Red Cross Show would be in its 60th year in 2015.

A gate over the footpath in Green Lane in Winterley had been erected but walkers could still gain access to the field.

The Remembrance Day Parade and Service was discussed and the British Legion was to hold a meeting regarding this.

Winter flowering pansies were to be put into the hanging baskets and the Christmas Tree was to be ordered for the Village Green.

Councillor Mrs Doris Farrall asked that letters be sent to people who helped with the very successful Best Kept Gardens Awards.  The event was very well attended and a good time was had by all! Special thanks were extended to the young man who ‘volunteered’ to take the photographs of the winners being presented with their awards by Councillor Geoff Beadle. These photographs can be viewed on on the Parish Website.

It was reported that hedge trimmings from a resident had been left over the footpath on Gutterscroft and the Clerk was asked to write to the people responsible for the footpaths to get this cleared away.

Cllr Hammond reported that he was organising a site meeting with Haslington Parish Council and Cheshire East Council personnel at Winterley pool to discuss various maintenance issues that are ongoing and areas the parish feel need addressing.

Later: The above meeting is being held on Monday 20th October at 10:00am with the following key CE personnel:

Mr P Grocott – (Ongoing Maintenance issues, next year’s programme)

Mr M Swindells/Mr R Davies (Cllr Hammond is aware of the small footway scheme funding available, and would like the opportunity to discuss and show areas to be considered for works this financial year and also areas to be considered for next years programme.)

K Henshall – to discuss ongoing Street Lighting issues in the Parish (maintenance and capital)

Finally a message has been received (after the meeting) from Neville Simons who would like to thank all of the people who helped and supported the McMillan Coffee Morning held recently at the 65 Club. The generosity was amazing enabling them to donate the sum of £553.91 to the worthwhile cause. Many thanks again to all.

Cllr Mrs Doris Farrall