Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2013

The meeting was closed to allow Mrs Rachel Hughes to thank the Parish Council for allowing the WI to organise the Farmers’ Market which had taken place recently.  She asked if the council would allow the Farmers’ Market to take place four times a year and they would very much like to organise one for Christmas. The Parish Council were in agreement with this proposal.

The meeting was then opened for Parish Council Agenda items.

PC N Moore reported that various incidents had taken place during July, August and September; these were the months he had not been able to report to Haslington Parish Council.  The theft of bicycles, burglaries, criminal damage, shoplifting and Public Order offences had been reported.  There were various other incidents reported one being drugs related.

Vehicle counting measures had been applied in Fields Road and the results of these were to be reported at the next meeting.  It was not thought appropriate to put traffic calming measures down in Fields Road without reciprocal measures in Waterloo Road and PC Moore said he would be very grateful for more speedwatch volunteers.  Please call him on 0845 4586370 and leave a message for him to contact you if you would be interested in this scheme.

The travelling community had not caused any problems with their visit in September.  The number of travellers was greatly reduced and it was thought that this and the continued police presence contributed to the event passing off without incident for which everyone was very grateful.

There had been a traffic accident down Maw Lane and it was thought that the amount of traffic speeding down this road was ridiculous.  There was a 60mph speed limit on this country road, when comparing it to 70mph on the M6 made the speed limit farcical.

An e-mail had been received regarding litter on the Gutterscroft playing field and the lack of a roundabout for children to play on.  The clerk was asked to reply and inform the resident that the playing field was litter picked three times per week but if anyone saw broken glass or anything that was dangerous to the children to ring the clerk on 568760 and the problem would be rectified as a matter of urgency.  The matter of the roundabout was to be something to look at in the future but it was thought there was sufficient play equipment for the time being.  This equipment is inspected on a monthly basis by a qualified engineer.

The problem of dog fouling is still one of concern.  As it is extremely unlikely that dogs are left to wander free it is felt that the dog owners of these animals are not taking enough responsibility for the health and well being of residents especially children.

A Councillor asked why Haslington Parish Council was not involved with the recent meeting with MP Edward Timpson and MP Nick Boles concerning planning applications that were being vigorously opposed by other parishes.  Councillor Richard Hovey said it was because these parishes had Action Groups and it was resolved that Haslington would have an Action Group forthwith. The biggest problem was that Cheshire East had not put into place a Local Plan and it would be sometime before the one now in the process of being put forward would be recognised.

The Open Door organisation had asked for a donation towards its upkeep.   It was conceded that it was doing a valuable job and this would go on the agenda for the finance meeting.

The matter of the Christmas Tree for the village green was being dealt with by Councillor Geoff Beadle who would liaise with Councillor Farrall over this matter.

Councillor Beadle said he had been approached regarding facilities provided for the local young people. This would be looked at before the next meeting.

The Best Kept Garden Awards presentation would be on 9 November at the Church Hall beginning at 2pm.  All winners would be notified by the end of October.