Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2010

PC Moore reported that  the number of incidents reported to the police were considerably down from last month.; 2 thefts one in Haslington and one I Winterley, one burglary, one assault, criminal damage, one drugs offence and one fraud offence. Five ASB’s had been issued on individuals.  He reported that some items stolen from premises in Haslington had been found in Crewe and the person responsible had been apprehended.  Please be vigilant over your own property is the message he gave out.

There were concerns expressed over parking at The Dingle School. Children within walking distance were being taken by car to school and the irresponsible parking was cause serious traffic congestion.  The Cricket Club allows people taking their children to school to park their cars on their car park but not enough people are taking advantage of this offer. PC Moore promised to monitor the situation and to inspect the parking situation.

The pavements in the villages are in dire need of repair. It was suggested that other areas seem to fare better than Haslington Parish and the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authorities about this. The pavements are dangerous for wheelchairs etc and this situation should be addressed quickly.

Various lights were reported to be either unlit or the light impeded by trees etc.

The footpath from the Dingle to the Gutterscroft needed to be cleared of leaf mulch as this makes walking this path dangerous. The path is used by children going to the playgroup and needs urgent attention. Overhanging trees over the footpath from Lynton Grove to Crewe Road needed to be trimmed back. The hedges over the footpaths in the Winterley area have been reported many times as needing cutting back; they are impeding pedestrians and people have to walk in single file.

The Chairman reported on the Hoe Down that had been held at the Yoxhall recently in aid of Yoxhall funds.  He said it had been a great success and it was good to see so many young people taking part. Congratulations to the organisers who had done a very good job.

The changing facilities at Clay Lane were still in the pipeline and it was hoped Cheshire East would get some funding for this project from grants that would be available.  The question of the pavement to the skate park is a concern to parish councillors and it is hoped Cheshire East can resolve this issue in the interests of road safety.

The Best Kept Garden Awards evening was a success but it was decided that because the senior citizens are wary of coming out in the evening their presentation nex year should be made in the afternoon, probably at the 65 Club.

Councillor Peake said that the Red Cross provided help to people with medical problems, providing care in the home when coming out of hospital, taking patients to hospital if transport was a problem, and many more facilities were available.

Haslington and Winterley have both been nominated for a prize in the North West in Bloom competition and Councillor Mrs Farrall and Mrs Joan Adams are to go to Southport in October to receive the prizes.

Councillor D Farral