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Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2009

The meeting began with the Chairman welcoming the new Parish Councillor for Winterley Ward Mrs Sharon Gorman

PC Nick Moore reported that a young man from Crewe had been apprehended after burglary and he had admitted incidents involving attempted burglary from cars in Haslington.  He also said that there had been anti-social behaviour in the village especially on the Gutterscroft playing field.  It was reported to him that bottles had been set alight on the playing field and had subsequently exploded.  This is a very serious activity as it could result in serious injury or death.  He asked that anyone with concerns over the drinking and anti-social behaviour ring the police early in the evening as if complaints were left until late officers would be deployed in the towns.  He said if notified early they could confiscate the drink and take the offenders off the playing field, if the offenders are youngsters under 16 he could take them home to their parents.

It was reported that the repairs to the road were far more satisfactory; it emerged that the contract for road repairs had been awarded to a different contractor who is using a better repair method.

There were a number of street lights still not working in spite of PC Moore reporting them to the Street Lighting  Department and the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant person responsible for street lighting.

The Chairman thanked Councillor Mrs Farrall for the excellent Best Kept Gardens Awards evening held recently at which he and Mrs Herriman had presented the prizes.

A letter of thanks had been sent to the Parish Council from one of the prize winners and Councillor Mrs Farrall asked that letters of thanks be sent to various people who had helped in any way in the organisation of this event; appreciation was due also to Lesley Green for writing all the many certificates in such a special way, thanks were extended to the councillors who had attended and helped to make the evening such a success and to Mrs Adams for her invaluable support.

The Chairman reported on the purchase of the land at Shelburne Drive.  It was not clear if Cheshire East would continue maintenance of the land but it was decided to go ahead with payment to Cheshire East to secure the land for the Parish.

We still await a response from Cheshire East regarding the possibility of land being available for allotments. Their report has been hastened but unfortunately was not received in time for the meeting. It was agreed that the Parish Council will now write directly to some of the main local land owners to ask if any have suitable areas of land which they would be prepared to make available for allotments under appropriate terms.

The Parish Council gave a grant to the Haslington Red Cross to ease the cost to them of the annual Flower and Craft Show.

Councillors had been asked repeatedly when the seats were going to be installed in the new bus shelters and the Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authority regarding this as a matter of urgency. The elderly were finding difficulty in standing for any length of time if waiting for a bus.

The Christmas Tree was to be ordered for the beginning of December and the Millennium Stone and War Memorial to planted up for Remembrance Sunday along with the baskets and planters.  There had been many compliments received about the beds at Oakland Avenue/Primrose Avenue, it was felt they were a vast improvement.  Although Haslington nor Winterley received a prize from North West in Bloom it was felt that the floral display had been better than ever and the Parish Council could take pride in the results.

Councillor Chris Betts asked if St Matthews Church could book the Village Green for 10 July 2010 for a Summer Fair to enable parishioners to celebrate 200 years of the present Church.  This idea was welcomed.

Remembrance Sunday  will take place at St Matthews Church and will be led by Ruth Allen from the URC, this will be her last opportunity as she retires next year.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall


  1. Mrs Pearl Dunne
    Mrs Pearl Dunne 25 November 2009

    The road markings at the entrance to Bargain Booze carpark have made a vast difference to pedestrians accessing the carpark-Thank you.
    We have some excellent shops in Haslington village especially the Bakery and the Greengrocers. Can we not support these shops better by providing more parking?
    There is ample room in front of the Indian restaurant and in Mere Street for people to park their cars and to be able to shop locally. It is a long way to Bargain Booze Car park when carrying shopping, not to mention the danger trying to cross Crewe Road at a buzy crossroads.

  2. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 9 December 2009

    Regarding above comment, the Parish Council discussed the possibility of allowing additional parking space for shoppers at the meeting last Monday and have now written to Cheshire East with a request to allow short-term parking in the area between 73 Crewe Rd to the junction with Mere St.

    DAVID GRINDLAY 8 January 2010


    Dear Chief Superintendent Garrihy,

    Re. Anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, Haslington

    I am a retired Sergeant in Cheshire Police. I never thought that I’d be writing to the police or be a victim of anti-social behaviour. However, I am and feel I need to bring this to your attention.

    I have lived in Haslington for 5 years. When I moved here, I believed that I was moving to a good area. How wrong I was. I have been aware of large groups of youths parading around the village for some time. They must intimidate local residents, particuarly the elderly.

    My property is adjacent to a footpath between housing; which is at the top end of West Street. For some reason, this is a meeting place for local youth. The border of my property consists of wooden fencing. I have now had to repair/replace 6 panels over the past year.

    Just before Christmas, I heard crashing to rear of my property. I looked outside to see one of the panels lying on its side, having been obviously kicked and pushed out of its posts. There were 6 youths the other side laughing who then bravely ran away down West Street. I had had enough and went in pursuit of them. I was unable to catch them but they were aware of my presence. I’m thankful, now, that I didn’t reach them because I’m afraid of what I might have done.

    Last night, 7th January, I heard voices outside my kitchen window and saw at least 10 youths the other side of the fence. They were pushing the same fence panel out again. They then started throwing snow balls at my windows.

    This is affecting my health. I cannot relax anymore in my own home. I never realised what it is like to be a victim. Ironically, there was a documentary on television last night about this sort of behaviour, how it affects peoples’ lives. It is now the greatest concern for the public, above all other crimes.

    I have tried to deal with it by ignoring it. But, why should I? I am a law-abiding citizen who pays all my taxes. I am seriously thinking of selling my house. This is wrong because the “yob culture” we now have has won. Part of me wants to take the law into my own hands to achieve justice, but, of course the victim then becomes the criminal. There have been so many tragic recent cases where decent members of the public have suffered with tragic consequences in these matters.

    Is Haslington policed on-demand? I never see a uniformed officer or a PCSO. Is anyone directly responsible for the village? I cannot be the only victim and wonder if this is an issue you are aware of. In my time as uniformed Sergeant, I adopted a zero-tolerance to anti-social behaviour and achieved positive results.

    For me the answer would be a uniform presence and contact with groups of youths in order that message can be spread. The prime time for their activities is between 6 and 9pm. One wonders what their parents would think of all this.

    I do hope that you can delegate this matter to an Inspector for appropriate and positive action.

    Yours sincerely,

    David R M Grindlay

  4. Alan Casey
    Alan Casey 10 January 2010

    Since the above comment was posted I have received the following response from our local constable PC Nick Moore:

    “I visited Mr Grindlay in person and discussed his concerns and the problems he has been having. I provided realistic aims to deal with the issues and relevant contact details so we can keep in touch to monitor how things progress.”

    If anyone else is experiencing similar problems the phone number to contact or leave a message for the local Community Action Team is 0845 4586370 (a member of the team will return your call as soon as they are available).

    The number to report a non-emergency crime or incident is: 0845 4580000.

    Further details can be found on this website under:
    Information > Village Facilities >Local Police

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