Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2008

A discussion took place on the planning application from White Moss Quarry which was to go to full council at Chester for a decision.  As the concerns of Councillors regarding certain aspects of this application seemed to have been addressed the Chairman of Planning was instructed to write to Cheshire County Council to withdraw the objections. 


PC N Moore reported on crimes during the month including three charges of shoplifting.  The skateboarding in Repton Drive was a cause of concern, both for the safety of the children, skateboarding down the bank into the drive into the path of vehicles, and to the drivers of the vehicles who had no warning of this practice.


It was suggested that the problem of parking had increased rather than decreased now this law had been changed to give the power of issuing tickets to wardens of Crewe & Nantwich Borough.  As these wardens only worked in the daytime there was no deterrent to parking early morning or after teatime.  The Clerk was to write to the County Association requesting that this matter be discussed at a future meeting.


A number of defects in pavements and defective street lights was reported along with the overgrown hedges from Haslington through to Winterley making it difficult and dangerous for pedestrians.


The Chairman reported that the Best Kept Gardens Awards Evening had again been a success and was well attended.


The Civic Service held on 28 September at St Matthews Church was also very well attended.  An excellent service was lead by Rev Ann Lawson and was attended by the Mayor and Mayoress of Crewe who had sent a thank you card to the Chairman for a very enjoyable afternoon.


The Chairman had attended a site meeting along with Chairman of Planning at White Moss Quarry to assess the situation first hand.


Councillor Alan Casey stepped into the breach at the last minute to go to Liverpool to attend the North West in Bloom presentation, to receive the prize for small town category (residents 5000 and over).  The planters and baskets will be planted up with pansies for the winter/spring months.


The Christmas Tree was again to be ordered from Witters Farm Shop


Letters and reports had been received from the Guides and the Boys Brigade regarding their activities abroad using some of the funds donated by the Parish Council.  These were well received


The footpath from the Dingle through to Gutterscroft had a broken gate at the Dingle end.  A site visit was requested regarding the footpath Henry Street to Oakland Avenue because of overhanging trees obliterating the street lights.


Mrs D Farrall (Chairman)