Parish Council Meeting Notes – October 2007

Before the meeting was opened Mr John Coupland gave a presentation to Councillors and residents from Winterley, on plans to develop land at 425 Crewe Road, Winterley. The plan was comprehensive and detailed and afterwards Mr Coupland answered concerns expressed to him by residents. The Chairman welcomed Councillor Mrs Joan White and Councillor Chris Betts back to Parish Council after their illnesses and said she hoped they were now feeling much better.

The meeting was then closed to allow Winterley residents to express to the Chairman of Planning their views and concerns on the development mentioned above. The meeting then re-commenced after a 10-minute discussion.

All Councillors were delighted with the news about Clayhanger tip and the Chairman said thanks were owed to so many people but would like the appreciation of the help given by Gary Kwant, Sue Hughes to be minuted. They had contributed so much to allow the enquiry to take place and to Councillor Lee Alien and Councillor John Hammond for their attendance at and contribution to the enquiry.

The Chairman and Councillor Wood had attended the quarterly meeting of the Association of Town and Parish Councils. They were both disturbed to learn from other Parish Councillors that the support given to them from the Police regarding nuisance and speeding far outweighed that given to Haslington. The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant Inspector at Crewe Police and invite him/her to attend the next Parish Council meeting.

The Chairman reported on the Garden Awards evening and stated that it had been a success. She thanked Food for Thought on their excellent refreshments.

The Vice Chairman Councillor Bill Herriman said that he and his wife had enjoyed the Awards Evening very much but was dismayed that some people who had been awarded a certificate had not had the courtesy to ring and make apologies for non-attendance. He added that it had been a very good evening and all who did attend thoroughly enjoyed it.

The new play equipment for the playing fields was still ongoing and so Councillor Mrs Bloor and Councillor Hovey were to liaise on this matter. Councillor Mrs Bloor was involved in the Village Plan and the play equipment was something they had an interest in.

It was decided that the issue of the pavements in the centre of the village and from the Dingle along Clay Lane would be a monthly agenda item until some satisfaction was received from Cheshire County Council.

Purchasing a Christmas Tree for the Village Green was posing difficult and the Clerk was to contact the Borough Council to see if they could help.

It was decided to plant the Millennium Stone with pansies again this year. Unfortunately the begonias have not been their usual splendid show but of course the wet weather at the beginning of the planting season was to blame. The 2007 Revised Model Code of Conduct for members of Parish Councils contained in the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) Order 2007 was a adopted by Haslington Parish Council.

The vote for a new Parish Councillor by cooption was held and Mr Alan Casey was elected by a majority vote.

Councillor Mrs Bushill said that residents from Oakhanger were still complaining about the obnoxious smells coming from the fields which had been spread with waste from a yoghurt factory. She said that it was so bad that it was making people’s throats sore and affecting their breathing. The Clerk was asked to write to the MP for that area Mrs Dunwoody to ask if she could help. The farm was within the law allowing this waste to be spread but Councillors thought there had to be a limit to the smells emitted into the local community.