Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2019

The meeting began with complaints of the road surfaces in Clay Lane. The potholes had been reported a while ago but nothing had been done except to draw white lines around the damaged surface. Unfortunately these had been faded due to the time that had elapsed before anything had been done. These potholes were extremely dangerous and needed urgent attention. The Clerk was to write to Cheshire East Highways about this problem yet again.

The mud on Kents Green Lane and Kents Green Lane was becoming a danger to pedestrians and road users alike and this was to be reported also.

PCSO LizzieJolley had reported a significant drop in the speeding offences since she had taken up using the speed camera at certain points in the Parish.

The incident that had taken place on the Gutterscroft Playing Field recently had not been notified to the Beat Manager although this was a serious incident. This was deemed not good enough as the police need to be vigilant about such matters.

The Vice Chairman Richard Hovey had attended a CHALC meeting recently and gave his report to the Parish Council. He gave his views on the new play equipment on the Gutterscroft Playing Field and said it was excellent.

He also reported on his part on the Best Garden Awards and said it was very well presented and was enjoyed by all who had attended.

There is going to be a local survey on the barriers around the Village Green and all residents are urged to take part. This can be accessed on the Parish Council Website.

A request for a waste bin to be placed on the Crewe Road side of the footpath leading the Repton Drive was made. This would hopefully alleviate the considerable waste that was dropped on the footway.

A flood had been reported in Holmshaw Lane and fly tipping on Crewe Road in Oakhanger.

The Carol Singing will take place on 20 December 2019 on the Village Green refreshments would be provided afterwards and all residents are invited to attend this very worthwhile event.

The Chairman and Councillors would attend the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial in honour of all who gave their lives for us.

Minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be 4 November 2019. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760.

Cllr. Mrs D Farrall