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Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2015

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore regarding incidents in our Parish during the last month.

There had been 11 offences committed, these included burglary, 1 drug offence, car damage, theft, assault, a garage burglary and damage to properties.  Burlary from  three new properties on  Vicarage Fields with the theft of kitchen furniture and tools. There had been an incident of shoplifting also.

Three ASB’s had been issued  A youth disturbance in Repton Drive, a nuisance in Asquith Close and incidents involving motor bikes on Clay Lane.  There had also been an issue with motor bikes using the skate park.

The question of the resurfacing of Waterloo Road was raised and Councillor John Hammond said that this was on the list for next year.

The speed humps were in question once again but as it was pointed out some parishioners welcomed them and some thought they were unnecessary.

The question of yellow lines was answered by PC Moore:

The Yellow Lines were decriminalised, so Police no longer have the responsibility to enforce them. The enforcement is now a civil offence enforced by the Council parking attendants.

Police can enforce unnecessary obstructions which include vehicles parked within 10 metres of a road junction. This offence does not have to have Yellow Lines at the junctions.

Hedge at Kents Green has overhanging branches and needs cutting, this is being reported to the relevant authorities.

PC Moore will deal with the light on Crewe Road adjoining the Gutterscroft entrance that has been unlit for more than three months despite being reported the relevant authorities.

The sign that had been put onto the entrance railings by Cheshire East at the Gutterscroft on Primrose Avenue was in complete contradiction to the notices put onto the Playing Field by Haslington Parish Council.  This sign was to removed immediately.

The next stage of the Neighbourhood Planning is to liaise with Cheshire East Council for answers to questions that needed to be answered.

The removal of the trees on the Gutterscroft Playing Field had been welcomed by residents.

The Chairman had been requested to read at the Carol Service to take place at St Matthews Church in December and he was willing to do this.

The Christmas Tree had been ordered for the village and would be erected at the beginning of December on the Village Green.

The Clerk was asked to report damage to the swings on the Playing Field to the Inspector of the playing field play equipment.

The question of tractors and heavy trailers being driven by 16 year olds was brought up. It was of great concern that these vehicles are speeding through the village when HGV drivers have to be older and have to have passed a test to drive vehicles of this calibre.  The Clerk was to write to our MP on this subject,

It was reported that the Crewe Green link road is to be finished in December.

Cllr. Doris Farrall

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