Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2014

The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore on offences committed during October. These included theft from a vehicle on Crewe Road; attempted burglary in Elton Lane; criminal offences on cars in Newtons Grove and Oakland Avenue; ASB’s issued regarding nuisance calls and a neighbours dispute. Highway parking was a still a big problem. The main ones were parking outside One Stop, Food for Thought, parking on the corners of Vicarage Road and Repton Drive.  PC Moore said he would look into these problems.

The 30mph sign at Crewe Green Avenue is not visible and this was to be addressed. The speed indicator at Winterley did not seem to be working and this was to be investigated. The lights on the roads in Winterley seemed to be dim and this was thought to be the practice now in various places.

Councillor Geoff Beadle had been asked to distribute 400 wild flower plugs by the Wildlife Association.  Unfortunately they turned out to be 400 tree plants and he is asking if anyone is interested in planting trees in their area.  Please contact the Clerk if anyone can help.

The War Memorial is to have improvements made but this will take place after Remembrance Sunday.

The Parish Council is asking that anyone taking dogs onto the Guttescroft Playing Field is aware that this is a children’s play area and not allow the dogs to foul the area. This is very important on health and safety grounds.

A site meeting with Inspectors from Cheshire East Council and Parish Councillors had taken place to ascertain areas needing attention i.e. footpaths, pot holes in roads etc. There was a positive response following the meeting and Councillor John Hammond had received assurance that all areas identified would be included in this year’s programme.

Councillor Doris Farrall said that she had been very disappointed in the response from Crewe Chronicle after she had submitted the results of the Best Kept Garden Awards that had taken place on 20 September. She had furnished a full report of winners and sent a thank you letter regarding all who had helped to make this event so worthwhile. Although she had contact the Chronicle on three occasions, speaking to the Sub Editor and two reporters, nothing had been published to date.  The Chronicle had always in the past been very helpful and she said she would write expressing her views to the Editor.

Any information on any events taking place in the parish can be found on Councillor Alan Casey is willing to publish anything taking place, and in need of publicity, on the website.

A resident had complained about the state of the footpath between Oakland Avenue and Henry Street. This footpath is in desperate need of maintenance and the Clerk was asked to write to the Highways Dept at Cheshire East Council whose responsibility it is.

The annual Carol Singing will take place on Friday 19 December beginning at 7pm.  Father Christmas will be in attendance to distribute sweets to the children and refreshments will be served in the Red Cross Hut, courtesy of the Chairman Councillor Richard Hovey.