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Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2012

  • The meeting began with a report from PC Nick Moore
  • on events that had taken place during the previous month requiring his attention.
  • He said he had asked people attending the United Reform Church in the Dingle to leave gaps in the parking of their cars to enable vehicles  using the Dingle to pass in safety.  Safety issues are experienced when the cars park nose to tail therefore vehicles meeting other vehicles coming from and to the Crewe Road have to back up and this is not an ideal situation indeed it can be very dangerous.
  • 15 lights in various parts of the parish had been reported as unlit and most of these had now been repaired.
  • Seven offences had been committed in the month of October relating to theft from property in Waterloo Road and Haslington Hall and one of domestic assault.
  • The issue of bicycles using the pavement instead of the road was brought up once again.  When there is a danger ie narrow road, there is not the same objection but when the road is perfectly clear and wide there is no reason to ride on the pavement, in fact  this constitutes a hazard to pedestrians.  A further issue was raised of many cyclists not having lights on their bicycles, this is extremely dangerous to them and other road users.
  • The bridge on the Dingle has finally been repaired after many months.
  • The bus shelter outside the doctors’ surgery has been reinstated after being unusable as a shelter for many months.  Councillors Hammond and Mrs Farrall had been bringing attention of this matter to the relevant authorities for over a considerable time  and finally a new bus shelter was in situ.
  • Inconsiderate parking affecting residents inMere Streethad been brought to the attention of the Parish Council and this was handed over to PC Moore and Cheshire East Council.
  • Representatives of the Parish Council had recently visitedSouthportfor the Awards Ceremony of North West in Bloom.  Haslington won a Silver Award, Winterley a Bronze Award and Crosslands,Orchard Courtand Walker Close won In Your Neighbourhood Awards.  This is a great achievement when the areas judged are fromNorth Lancashireto South Cheshire/Shropshire Border.  It was suggested that a noticeboard could be erected on the Village Green to display the Awards to parishioners.  In the past many awards have been won and not displayed to the general public thus they are not aware of these achievements.  The Parish Council acknowledge that without the help of residents who look after the tubs and baskets these awards would not be possible.
  • The Clerk was asked to write to the relevant authorities regarding the cleaning of the brook that runs along the Primrose Avenue walkway.  It is clogged by debris and weeds and needs cleaning as a matter of urgency.
  • The erection of speed watch signs is imminent and hopefully the speeding traffic will take notice.  The speed watch signs are a very welcome addition to road safety in the parish.
  • The matter of display signs (notices of  events and houses for sale) being erected on the grassed area on Crewe Road was brought up and the Clerk was asked to write the Cheshire East Council to ask them to have them removed. This is the entrance to the village with trees and flower beds welcoming visitors and residents and is being undermined by the intrusion of the signs.
  • Councillor Miss L Allen stated that is intended to extend the Village Charity Neighbours to give more assistance and help to residents who are isolated in their homes.
  • The Carol Service will take place on Friday 21 December with singing around the Christmas Tree and refreshments in the Red Cross Hut afterwards.  Please look for notices on the noticeboards for times etc.

Councillor D Farrall

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