Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2010

PC Moore reported 10 incidents involving burglary from sheds and cars in the previous month.  He reiterated that parishioners should be very vigilant about leaving objects in the car i.e. sat navs, laptops etc. and locking sheds that house anything of value.

One of the crossing lights outside the Primary School on Crewe Road was still out and PC Moore was asked to assist by getting in touch with the relevant authority to get this matter rectified.  It is very important that these lights are in working order to enable motorists to see pedestrians waiting to cross the road.  Street lights that were reported at the last meeting to be unlit had still not been attended to and PC Moore said he would help with this matter too.

A request was to be made for the school bus to stop on the corner of Crewe Road/Ashley Meadows. As there is no pavement along this side of the road and many children travelling from the Sandbach Schools leave the bus at Cartwright Road it was felt that an additional stop for the school children would be beneficial and not least, safer.

The Bonfire Night at the Cricket Club had been successful as the police were monitoring the event but youths that had congregated on the Gutterscroft Playing Field to light their own bonfire were moved on by the police.

The Chairman reported that the purchase of the land at the back of Shelburne Close was still ongoing and it was hoped that a speedy conclusion could be reached.

It was reported that daffodil bulbs had been planted along the verges on Crewe Road

The winter planting was to be commenced in time for Remembrance Sunday and the War Memorial cleaned in time for the Remembrance Service.  Councillor Wood asked if everything was in place for this service and he was advised that all eventualities had been covered, the Poppy Flag and the Union Flag would be raised at the appropriate times.

Permission was given to obtain road planings to mend the many potholes that had appeared in the access road to the Gutterscroft.

The hedges along Crewe Road adjacent to the Limes in Winterley had still not been cut back and this was causing danger to pedestrians who had limited walkway on the pavements.

A request for monetary assistance for the ‘club fun’ project that had recently been started at the Methodist Church in Bradeley Road was made.  This is a ‘drop in’ project on Wednesday between 6.30-8pm.

The Haslington Parish Website can be accessed at and statistics of all the visits are on this website, many from abroad. They make very interesting reading

Councillor John Hammond reported that a survey of the pavements and roads had taken place and he expected remedial work to commence in the near future.

The Parish Council had been informed by Cheshire East that monies that had been granted to them in previous years for work undertaken by the Parish Council would not be given in the years 20110/12.

It was stated at the meeting that the re-organisation of the Post Office had resulted in a very unsatisfactory state regarding deliveries of post.

(Councillor D Farral)