Parish Council Meeting Notes – November 2008

The meeting was attended by PC Nick Moore and  Mike Hubbard who reported on various incidents that had taken place in the last month.  There had been few incidents reported to the police and PC Moore told the meeting that only 17 people had turned up at the CAM meeting.  It had been decided that the CAM meetings would be discontinued.  However, he asked if it would be possible for the police to hold a surgery at the Yoxall Village Hall prior to the Parish Council meeting, to enable residents to voice any concerns they had.  This was deemed to be an excellent idea and it is hoped that this facility will be available shortly. Councillors asked if the 20mph road sign could be moved to the start of Waterloo Road as motorists were actually in  Waterloo Road before the sign was visible. 

The matter of parking was brought up once more, the situation seems to have worsened since the responsibility for parking tickets has been handed over the traffic wardens employed by Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council.  The possibility of improving the situation by making PCSO’s responsible when the wardens are not on duty is to be taken forward to the Association of Town and Parish Councils

The Borough Council are making grants to Town and Parish Councils of between  £5,000 and £50,000 towards projects that will benefit their community.  Councillor John Hammond is looking into the possibility of providing tennis courts on the Clay Lane Playing Field.

Chris Lawton of Crewe & Nantwich Borough Council was to be contacted re the provision of new equipment on the Gutterscroft Playing Field.  He has been asked to provide quotes for new swings, a disabled swing and a twister (a climbing frame that goes round) and an update on the situation is necessary.  Parish Council are of the opinion that this work is needed before East Cheshire take over control of the Crewe & Nantwich Borough as the Borough Council hold money for the project that belongs legally to Haslington Parish Council.

The Millennium Stone, planters and baskets are to be planted up with winter flowering pansies once more.

Councillor Alan Casey and Mrs Iris Casey received Haslington Parish Council’s  award for North West in Bloom.  The presentation was attended by over 500 people and took place in  Liverpool  The Chairman thanked Councillor and Mrs Casey for standing in at the last minute to receive our award.  Haslington Parish came second in the small towns category for the whole of the North West and is an excellent result. A copy of the award is to be put on the noticeboards.  The people who look after the tubs and baskets make our North West in Bloom entry possible.  We could not manage without them!

A representative from the Residents Action Group Alsager was present re the proposed Waste Recycling at White Moss Quarry.  It was resolved to send a copy of the relevant minutes to this lady.

The Chairman reminded all councillors that they meet at the Waterloo Road Car Park at 10.30am on Sunday 9 November for the Remembrance Day Parade and Services.  She asked Councillor Peake to do his usual excellent marshalling of the Parade.

Mrs D Farrall Chairman