Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2020

There had been no correspondence from Crime Commissioner outlining priorities of Cheshire Police at the present time. No report received this month.

It was reported that a hedge adjoining a property in Bradeley Road needed cutting back and Councillor S Edgar said he would deal with this matter.

A complaint had been received about blocked drains in Elton Lane Winterley this has been reported. The speed of vehicles along Alsager Road (no pavements) were a danger to pedestrians and the potholes in Clay Lane towards Newtons Lane had still not received attention.

The signage at the play equipment in the Gutterscroft playing field re closure only applied to the play equipment and NOT the playing field.

The football area in the playing field had been flattened and reseeded.

The Remembrance Sunday 2020. Councillor Lee Allen stated that the Haslington and Crewe Green Branch would like the arrangements to stay the same as last year.

The Haslington Circular Work leaflets had been distributed.

The Public Right of Way at Haslington Hall was closed at the present time due to COVID 19 but would be opened again shortly. This was allowed because of an alternative route to Holmshaw Lane.

People were breaking the distancing/stay at home rules at Winterley Pool. Also youngsters congregating on the Village Green was raised with PCSO.

The bus shelter at Butterton Lane Oakhanger had still not been replaced.

The Best Kept Gardens competition came up for discussion and it was decided that this would go ahead.

Councillor Miss Allen stated that the Neighbours Network does not need any grant at the present time and Councillor A Peake referred to the Red Cross free support which is manned 7 days a week 10-6 each day.

Councillor Miss L Allen said she would be placing a wreath at the War Memorial on VE day along with a member of the British Legion and the flag would be raised on the Village Green.

Minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be 1 June 2020. Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 568760.

Cllr. D Farrall