Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2019

The meeting bean with the selection of the Chairman for the forthcoming 2 years.

Councillor Geoff Beadle was unanimously selected by fellow Councillors.

The Chairman introduced Mrs Helen Mollart to the meeting who addressed Councillors with a plan for the remembrance of the beginning of WW2 in September. She outlined her plans and asked for help from any Councillors willing to participate in this venture. Councillors Lee Allen, Janet Griffin and Tony Peake volunteered to join the committee for this venture. Mrs Mollart thanked them for their support and said she would be in touch with them in the near future.

The meeting was joined by a new Councillor Mr Ian Goodwin and the Councillor for Cheshire East Mr Steve Edgar. Mr Edgar apologise for his Cheshire East Counterpart Councillor M E Addison who had unfortunately been unable to attend this meeting

The Committees for 2019/2020 were selected.

A letter requesting to fill a Parish Councillor vacancy from Mr M Deakin was considered

and accepted.

Another request to fill a vacancy was made via letter from Mr R Hovey and this was also accepted.

The Chairman reported that there had been several reports of Crime and Anti social behaviour matters had been reported at the time:

Haslington Ward (BC04)

4 personal nuisance; 10 violence; 1 burglary; 2 theft of motor vehicle; 2 theft of other; 4 criminal damage; 5 suspicious person.

There was still a problem with many potholes leading off Clay Lane for access to Haslington By-Pass. This was an ongoing problem for many areas in the Parish and Cheshire East Highways had been contacted many times with regard to potholes causing problems for motorists and cyclists alike.

Lorries are ignoring the No HGV signs in Maw Lane but the Chairman pointed out that the lorries were allowed access if they were going to an area in Maw Lane.

The Fun Day on the Village Green that had taken place on 11 May had been a success and all stallholders were thought to have made a profit. The Chairman thanked all who had been involved in making this a successful community venture

The Chairman reminded all councillors that they should not use Social Media to comment personally on Parish Council matters. There is a website Haslington PC for these matters to be reported

Gutterscroft is scheduled to start work on play area at the end of June subject to equipment arriving.

The Chairman had been advised that Sydney Bridge will not be opened until the end of June and not at the end of May as previously stated.

The temporary bus shelter in Oakhanger had not yet been installed and the Clerk was to take this up with the relevant authorities.

The trees on the Village Green were to have the fencing around them removed and tree guards installed as a replacement.

The flowers around the Millennium Stone the flower beds, tubs and pots would be planted at the end of the month.

The minutes for this meeting could be viewed after the next meeting to be held 3 June 2019 Any complaints or problems to be made direct to the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams on 01270 569760

Councillor D Farrall