Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2018

The meeting began withCouncillor Lee Allen thanking everybody involved in the recent Fun Day for making it a superb community spirited event. All went well, and it was one of the best Fun Days that had taken place.

Councillor Geoff Beadle was voted in as Chairman of the Parish Council for the next 12 month as was Councillor Stephen Mottram as Vice Chairman. All Councillors were reinstated to their relevant Sub Committees.
Councillor Doris Farrall felt she could no longer organise the Best Kept Gardens but promised to help whoever took over this worthwhile event. Councillor Howard Blake volunteered to organise this event, and this was gratefully accepted.

The crime figures as sent to the Parish Council by Kerry Cummings Beat Manager of Cheshire Police were as follows: 2 shoplifting, 1 theft from a motor vehicle and 1 criminal damage
The speed watch team gave good results with good support from Lizzy Jolley.
01/05/2018 Weston Main Road, towards Newcastle – 3 activations
02/05/2018 Haslington Crewe Road towards Wheelock 4 activations
13/05/2018Haslington Crewe Road towards Wheelock – 11 activations
The speed watch team are now using TRU CAM for their results.
Kerry said that Lizzie is getting involved in the community and doing a very good job.

The condition of Maw Lane is still raising concerns particularly as vehicles are using it more frequently since the Crewe Green Roundabout was being reconstructed. It is being used to gain access to Haslington and the By Pass and is resulting in the roadway needing urgent attention. The Clerk was asked to write to Highways Department to express the very real concerns regarding this road.

It was reported that the 30mph speed sign from Hollybush Farm to Kents Green Lane has still not been re-erected.

The Vice Chairman Stephen Mottram thanked all who had attended the ceremony of the
William Dykes Close road sign at the Croft, this was a very moving event

It was reported that the rear of Shelburne Drive is just a complete wet mess!
Haslington Hall is once more raising questions over the repairs to the Hall. This is being closely observed by Cheshire East, English Heritage and other connected parties. The Parish Council is to ask for an update on this matter and the Clerk is to write to Cheshire East Council.

If anyone would like a full report of the April meeting can they please ring the Clerk, Mrs Joan Adams, on 568760. This will be issued after the May meeting to be held on 14 May 2018.