Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2016

Before the monthly meeting there was the Annual Meeting in which the Minutes of the Annual Meeting 2015 were read and approved and the Chairman gave his report of the last 12 months.

He said it had been a privilege to have served the Parish as Chairman and serving as Chair has brought some great achievements along with some learning and new friendships.

The Parish Council over the year works tirelessly to help the community address queries and questions no more so than the constant battle over development to keep and protect the green belt which is so precious to our Parish.

We have had an election and new councillors have joined the table to bring new eyes and prospective to our way of working.

The Parish Council has long serving members who also contribute and support residents in an appropriate and professional manner.

Over the year many events have taken place all showing great evidence of good and social community feeling for the Parish.

The Neighbourhood Plan is now moving to the next stage and whilst the people’s turnout has been low there was some very prominent themes coming out which we as a council have to listen to and will take forward in our decision making in the future.

His report ended in paying tribute to PC Nick Moore who has been a regular attendee at the Parish Council Meeting and who is due to be leaving us shortly. Nick has been a brilliant servant to our Parish and has been one of the most dedicated and loyal people and all the councillors and the Chairman wish him well for the future.

The meeting ended with thanks being expressed to the Clerk for the continued excellent work she carries out.


The monthly meeting then began with the election of committee members and election of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Councillor Geoff Beadle was elected Chairman and Councillor Steven Mottram was elected Vice-Chairman for the next 12 months.  All committee remained the same except for the Planning Committee, which Councillor George Wood asked to be removed from.

PC Nick Moore gave his report which included 11 various kinds of offences; these were 3 assaults, one burglary in unoccupied property, theft and damage to vehicles, 2 domestic assaults, a domestic fight on the car park and six reports of fly tipping.

PC Moore said there had been a report of a bag which had contained cannabis being found on the Gutterscroft Playing Field. He said the police were maintaining patrols on the playing field to make the offenders realise that the police were aware of the problem and would be monitoring it with their continued patrols in the area. He said that over the years he has served the Parish, the Gutterscroft Playing Field had rarely posed problems and was a well used area for the children.

He said that if people wished to be made aware of local problems they could sign up of for free to

Potholes in our roads were an ongoing problem and the manholes seemed to have shrunk into the tarmac in the roadway.

Street light 11 was reported as being faulty.

There was still no gate at Elton Lane Winterley to stop vehicles accessing the bypass from the lane.

The boards erected by Bovis on the site of the Hazel Bank were to be removed as they had been erected illegally, without permission from the Planning Department. The access problem was still ongoing and no building could take place until this issue was resolved.

Both the primary schools in the village had been issued items to give to the children to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday.

A councillor, acting as a resident, had rung Environment Health, to complain about the smell the manure spreading was making. The lady from the Department told her that there were no restrictions on any kind of manure and even human excrement could be spread (although the councillor did find out that the human excrement had to be treated first).

This was reported so that everyone could be aware that there are no restrictions on the kind of manure that can be spread (in this day and age!)

The Car Park notice for Waterloo Road had still not been erected.

Arrangements for the Village May Day were in place and this year the day would be to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.

Councillor Lee Allen reported on the Neighbours Network and said it had been an overwhelming success, however they still need volunteers to man the phones. The hours for the volunteers were 3 hours per week and if anyone felt they could help in this very worthwhile cause could they please get in touch with Councillor Allen.

The phone box on the Dingle corner had a notice in it saying the box would be removed shortly.  There is no phone or money box in it.  As it has now been an eyesore for a good while. The Clerk was asked to write to BP for its immediate removal.

The removal of the telephone box in Oakhanger was to be removed in the interests of safety.

The website for is to be updated in the coming months.