Parish Council Meeting Notes – May 2015

Meeting held Tuesday 19th May 2015

Councillor Geoff Beadle was elected Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year.

Councillor S Mottram was elected as Vice Chairman of the Parish Council for the forthcoming year

The Finance Committee – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Councillors G A Wood, Mrs Y Bushill, R Thorley, J Hammond, Miss L Allen, Mrs D Farrall, Mrs S Gorman, A Casey, D Kerr, Mrs H Mollart.

Chairman of Finance and the Responsible Finance Officer – Councillor D Kerr

Planning and Development – Chairman Vice-Chairman, Councillors G A Wood, R Thorley, Miss L Allen, Mrs D Farrall, Mrs S Gorman, MrsY Bushill, A Peake, A Casey, Mrs H Mollart

Planning Sub-Committee/Parish Open Spaces – Chairman, Vice Chairman, Councillors R Thorley, A Casey

Britain-in-Bloom/Best Kept Village – All members. Councillors Mrs D Farrall, Mrs Y Bushill. Mrs S Gorman to have delegated powers if required. Mr C Betts to be asked to join this Committee.

Elected Representatives of the year 2015/2016

Cheshire Association of Local Councils – Councillors Mrs S Gorman, G AWood and G Beadle

The Gutterscroft Management Committee – Councillors Mrs D Farrall, J Hammond,  A Casey and Mr D Green

The Council for the Protection of Rural England, Councillor Mrs H Mollart

Footpaths Officer – Councillor A Casey

Parish Tree Warden – Councillor Mrs H Mollart

Haslington Yoxall Village Hall Management Committee – Councillor G Beadle

Maw Green Landfill Community Liaison Meeting – Councillor Miss L Allen

White Moss Quarry Liaison Group – Councillor Mrs Y Bushill, G A Wood

All Councillors declared personal interests in finance and planning

All Councillors present at the meeting signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office and Code of Conduct.

PC N Moore gave details of figures Crime for April 8 Offences in total – 3 assaults, 2 harassments, 1 theft, 1 burglary from a dwelling 1 criminal damage to a dwelling. Anti-Social Behaviour incidents 4 in total – 1 vehicle related, 1 nuisance and 2 domestic, in addition there were 3 ASB incidents in Oakhanger all neighbour related.

He also informed members of possible changes in policing in the Parish.

Councillor Mrs Mollart asked whether any Travellers Events have been planned for the Parish and he stated that he was not aware of any.

It was reported that parking on Crewe Road opposite the garage was causing problems for the residents due to the Garage using spaces provided for them. The Clerk was to write to the Planning Enforcement Officer Cheshire East Council.

The hedgerows in various parts of the Parish were overgrown at the bottom of the hedge and thus affecting the pavement, making it very narrow and the Clerk was to refer this problem to Cheshire East Council.

The Chairman congratulated everyone who took part in the Fun-Day; Councillor Mrs S Gorman on behalf of Miss L Allen wished to extend thanks to Mr G Farrall for his help and assistance with this event. Chairman also extended his thanks to Mr R Hovey for all his efforts.

The War Memorial has been completed and 2 new lights have been erected by the Yoxall Management Committee.

Councillor J Hammond stated that ANSA are responsible for street cleaning and Cheshire East Council have the responsibility for cleaning of gullies.

The notice re parking has now been replaced in the One Stop Shop.

Councillor Mrs D Farrall stated that the electricity company are to lay cables in the Gutterscroft. She passed information she had received to Councillor G Beadle who would deal with this matter of behalf of Haslington Parish Council.

Councillor A Peake said that he had spoken to the Licensee of the Fox regarding the litter that had accumulated in the car park behind the recycling bins.

Cllr. D Farrall